I Did Not View That! Facts You Will Want to Know About Social Media Like Facebook!

Teenagers Using Computer

Written by Mommy Tina

You’re reading this, so it means you are one among the 1.2 billion users of Facebook in the whole world. My question to you is this: do you really know how to use your Facebook account “safely”?

Before I proceed, I want my readers to know that I am an avid Facebook user. I use it every single day to post inspiring messages and to get in touch with friends and relatives near and far. Through my account I get to share pictures with my parents who lives in another Province. With my Facebook account I get to see how my sister is, my niece and nephew, my grandchildren from my sister’s children, and my cousins and relatives abroad. I also get to connect with old high school friends and work associates. Facebook to me is very helpful! There’s a but, however. Facebook, like everything else, can be used for good or bad. It can be an influence for good or bad.  So please read on …

Here are some facts I learned about the Internet in general and the use of social media like Facebook:


1) Anything that you upload online will be in the Internet for a long long time. By this I was made to understand anything, including pictures, texts, videos, articles … just about anything you can think of. Time frame? A long, long, long … very long time! For this reason it is very crucial that we only upload things – pictures, videos, texts, that we will not be ashamed of when we are older … like when we have children of our own (if you are still single now) or when we are married. Pictures of you with your drinking buddies? A picture of you with barely anything covering your most private parts? A picture of you in a compromising and suggestive pose with a boyfriend or girlfriend? These things will haunt you when you’re older and married with children and grandchildren. So beware!  Unless you really like to be that way until you’re old and 90!

2) Nothing happens by accident in the Internet, especially in social networking sites. Here are some of the common “hullabaloos” that happens with Facebook accounts:

“Bewildered” why suddenly your friends tell you that you just sent them a video or picture of ‘questionable nature”?

Wondering why all of the sudden your friends are asking you about “the surest way to know who’s checking out your profile?”

You should know this:

There’s no magic in the Internet! Nothing appears accidentally, especially undesirable pictures or videos. I do not wish to claim expertise on this and I’m sure someone out there can explain this thing much better, but you see, I am told that programmers have set parameters for these things that happen online.  I remember someone mentioning the word “algorithm” … The easiest way to explain why this “undesirable things appear on your wall … it could be because you clicked the link of the said video or picture, accidentally or otherwise!

Hey! Here’s another thing: Try to look at the ads that appear on the right side of your facebook page. What do you see? I just looked at mine as I am writing this and I see in mine ads of a local catering service business and an Ad on Understanding Analytics. According to someone who knows much about these things, these particular advertisements appear in my Facebook wall because I recently did a research on these topics.  These two represent my current “interests”. Facebook has been programmed to detect their user’s interests and come up with “helpful materials” that might be of help to their users like me.



Here’s another thing! When you are online with your Facebook account, and you open another website to browse, like Yahoo for instance, there are privacy settings that you have to be aware of. If your privacy settings, for instance, is set on “public”, or if the “sharing” setting is not set to “off”, anything that you read in that website will be shared in your Facebook account.  So just in case, check your privacy settings in Facebook and in your Yahoo account.

Hey! I Did Not View That!

Have you seen a friends’ profile with a questionable content (like a sex video or a pornographic picture) and you simply can not believe that the person viewed it? There are many possible reasons for it. There’s a chance that he or she did not view it or click it. It could be a virus or a spam. It’s also possible that the person accidentally clicked the picture or the link. It could also be that the person really viewed it with the belief that no one else will find out about it since he or she is alone.  When found or discovered, people always shout foul! Of course! Who wants to be exposed in a bad light? Just in case, remember what I wrote that nothing happens in social media by accident? Unless of course the account was hacked and compromised. Everything that happens in one’s account is a result of an action done by the user or by anybody who has access to the said account. Now whether it was accidental or intentional, that’s another issue.

So here are three (3) tips to remember when using the Internet and social networking sites:

1) Be careful what you do online;

2) On Passwords:

  • Be sure that your account is secure!
  • Do not write your password anywhere.
  • Change your password at least once a month.
  • When choosing a password, use letters combined with symbols and numbers.
  • Avoid using dates that may be easy to guess.
  • Lastly, use different passwords for different accounts.

3) Clear your history and cache every time you log off, especially if you’re using a “common” computer such as in the Internet Cafe or any public place.


Images courtesy of imagerymajestic and Ambro /FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Figliarina & Zalora Philippines


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