Have You Ever Wondered Why People Take Pictures of Food and Post Them In Social Networking Sites?

Seagull Mountain Restaurant's Spaghetti

Written by Mommy Tina


I and many others call it Food Photography, but others call it “food porn”, and personally I don’t like the last term. It sounds vulgar and it gives a negative connotation to something that many people, like me, love, appreciate, and of course, value.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Taking pictures of food because they look appealing, tasty, delicious, yummy, attractive, and mouth-watering is not bad. In fact, if I were the one who prepared the food, I’d be flattered. Of course people take pictures for so many reasons and the reasons can be both negative and positive. But let me ask you this because I’m sure you’ve taken pictures of food yourself and you’ve posted this in your Facebook account, Instagram, or even Tumblr: why do you take pictures of food? Is it because they look awful and you want people who will see them to feel disgusted?

I hope your answer is a resounding no! I’ve asked a few people close to me that same question and their answers revolve around these reasons: they take pictures of food and post them in social networking sites because they want people to know what they are eating and enjoying. Some say they want to ‘brag’ that they are in a nice and expensive restaurant! For most of them, the reason actually boils down to this: “Hey! You should try this! It’s delicious!” Or “you should visit this restaurant; they serve mouthwatering food!”

Coke Float

Now that’s what we call “word-of-mouth advertising”! So if I were the restaurant owner and the Chef? When people take pictures of my food as they are served and placed on their tables? I’d take it as a compliment because people are actually helping me market my stuff without any cost on my part. So what should I do as a business? I should always try to make my food look awesome and taste awesome! That way I’d be delivering what I should and in the process make my customers happy!





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