Where to Find Delicious Buko Shake in Cagayan de Oro City

Buko (Young Coconut)

I loved every drop of it, and for only 65.00 pesos, we enjoyed the best Buko Shake ever!

We were strolling inside Limketkai Mall this morning when we met a lady sipping something white from a pet bottle. What caught our attention initially was the big pet bottle … then the white substance inside. Then we saw where it came from. Just up ahead was the stall that sold whatever it was she was sipping.

Of course out of curiosity we approached the stall and there we saw this …

Buko Shake

We decided to give the Buko Shake a try and we ordered the biggest size for 65.00.

Buko Shake

Buko Shake

Would you like to know my verdict? It was really creamy and delicious! Really yummy and truly worth every peso! Actually, I can’t wait to buy again! If only they have a store closer to my home!


This is not a paid advertisement! I just love the Buko Shake, more than the other pearly sago shakes we used to buy.

Image courtesy of Toa55 /FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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