4 More Reasons Why It’s Wonderful to Be Married!


I hope by now you already agree with me that being married is wonderful! It is! If you want more reasons, then read on … here are 4 more additional reasons why I believe being married is wonderful!


When you’re married, you have someone watching your back! Put simply, you have someone who’s thinking about your safety, your security, your comfort, and your welfare. It’s a wonderful thing really because you know somehow that if things go wrong (and this will happen many times in your lifetime), someone’s right behind you to protect you from any harm and to pick you up when you fail and fall. Then again, because marriage is a partnership, you also have the chance to watch your partner’s back and be there when you’re needed – to provide safety and security. This is also true when you have troubles in life. Your spouse is your Knight-In-Shining-Armor, always ready to come sweep you off your feet towards safety. If you’re a woman, you don’t have to have muscles to fight for your husband. Sometimes all you need is love to turn mountains into molehills … and to turn enemies into allies. So, think of it this way … Isn’t it very heartwarming to know that you always have someone who will take care of you no matter what? That is what makes marriage awesome!


Being married allows you to have someone to “walk with you hand in hand” in the journey of life. I’d like to make one very important point here. It is that in marriage, husband and wife must walk side by side – not one walking ahead of the other, or one lagging behind and just following. Walking together, hand in hand, is very important in marriage. This is especially true when it comes to making important decisions that can affect the whole family. Decisions such as buying a house, deciding where to live, how many children to have, work decisions that will affect family like working abroad,  pursuing higher education, purchasing a car and the type or kind of car to purchase, and even getting a credit card should be a family matter which needs to be thoroughly discussed by both husband and wife, and if circumstances require, even with the children. Walking hand in hand in marriage means to counsel with each other, to consult each other, and to seriously consider or take into account what each partner thinks and how the partner feels about a certain matter before making any decision. In a nutshell, couples who understand the importance of ‘walking hand in hand’ will find out that life’s burdens are lighter and easier to carry when both spouses are there for each other.



Being married is awesome because someone will definitely miss you when you’re far away … and that someone will always think of you wherever you are! Isn’t it wonderful to know that when you’re apart, and when the clock strikes 12 noon, someone somewhere is wondering whether you’ve eaten already? Or whether you’re already home safe? Isn’t it nice to know that your spouse did not enjoy so much the buffet dinner in the party because you were not there?

I remember very recently an experience that made me appreciate being married to a good man. I was arranging for an exclusive dinner between some leaders and our guests when a leader approached me with a very serious look. He politely declined my invitation for dinner because, he said: “I can not eat dinner with you and just let my wife go home alone”. I was touched with what he said. He truly loves his wife, and I’m sure his wife loves him just as much! This is another reason why it is wonderful to be married!


Here are more good things about being married.

If you’re a woman, being married means you have someone to help you out do the following: fix the faucet, change or replace busted electric bulbs, change flat tires, carry heavy things from one point to another, move heavy things at home, take care of the kids when you’re doing the laundry, drive you anywhere, teach you how to drive, fix the washing machine, put up the Christmas tree, place the Christmas lights way up in the ceiling, mow the lawn, paint the walls, do the cooking when you’re busy with something else, and a million other things … like giving you a foot massage when you’re tired and worn out from doing all the chores at home … all because he loves you!

If you’re a man, here are more good things about being married. You have someone who will ensure that you have clean and nice smelling clothes all the time; you have warm food on the table when you come home; you have clean and nice smelling bed covers, blankets, and pillows every time you go to bed at night; You have someone to rub your back when you’re tired and stressed from work; you have someone to tell you to shave when you look shabby already; you will have someone to remind you to take a bath when you don’t smell so sweet anymore; you have someone who will remind you constantly to take your vitamins so you’ll be healthy and strong; you have someone to tell you not to drink and smoke because she and your kids wants to spend the rest of their lives with you; you have someone who thinks you’re the smartest and the handsomest guy in the whole wide world! Is that not simply wonderful?

These and more makes marriage simply amazing! So if you’re now thinking of getting married, here’s one very good advice from the smartest and handsomest man in the whole wide world – my husband! (You know I’m exaggerating, right?) He said: “It’s not enough that you know the title of the song. You have to know how to sing the song!”. He was referring to marriage. What he meant with the statement is this: you have to know what marriage is all about, the expectations and requirements, the pros and cons (as there will always be opposition in all things) so that you enter it with open eyes. Then you will be able to work hard and smart to make it work. I cannot agree more! For marriage to work, it will require the best in each of us, and we must be willing to commit to the relationship and to each other so we will be happy!


3 thoughts on “4 More Reasons Why It’s Wonderful to Be Married!

  1. thanks for a bright idea you shred mommy tina..i like it,how i wish i can meet someone who can give me comfort and allow me to taste all your idea given..i like it so much

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