Looking for a Place with Food that’s Worth Your Money? Try Steve’s Barbecue!

Steve's Barbecue

Let me ask you a few questions:

Are you looking for a place that offers good food that’s worth your money?

Are you tired of eating burgers and fries from fast food chains?

If you answered yes to the questions then I suggest you try dining at Steve’s Barbecue. Their food is delicious and really affordable.  Steve’s is located along JR Borja Extension. It’s easy to find because Steve’s is well known and an established name already.

Steve's Barbecue along JR Borja Extension

We’re regulars in Steve’s, and our favorites include Chicken Barbecue and Pork Barbecue. We also like their their pancit Bijon and their Chopsuey. Steve’s is also known for their Bulalo so if you like having a hearty soup, include a bowl of Bulalo. Here’s a plus – they offer unlimited rice.

Unlimited Rice

If you’re dining in Steve’s with your family and/or friends, you can choose between dining outside -“alfresco”- or inside in their air conditioned dining hall. Normally, smoking customers dine outside so if you don’t smoke and you don’t like second hand smoke, dining in the air conditioned room is the best choice.

All geared up for the Valentines

Parking space? No problem at all. They have guards who make sure that your cars are safe.


This is not a paid advertisement. Let’s just say I’m one happy costumer!  Bon apetit!


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