10 Reasons Why I Think Centrio Ayala Mall In Cagayan de Oro Is Nice!

Centrio Ayala Mall

Last week my parents came to Cagayan de Oro for a visit. For lunch I suggested we go to Centrio Ayala Mall.  They have not been there and I wanted them to see the newest Mall in Cagayan de Oro City. I was happy we went and I told my parents that on their next visit, we’ll still go to Centrio and try another restaurant!

My Parents and I

 Why Centrio Ayala Mall?

When Centrio Mall opened a few months ago, I have to be honest that I was disappointed in a way. Why? Because the restaurants and the fast food chains had very small dining areas. I have a big family and comfortable dining areas are a big thing for me … for us. I guess this is also true to those who have big families who, like us, enjoy dining out.  Who wants to eat in a place that’s too overcrowded and you have to eat hurriedly because someone else is already waiting for your table?

Well, today I can say things are a lot better. Why? Here are the reasons why:

One – On Centrio’s Restaurants: The frenzy of the opening has died down and there’s no longer a mob of people waiting in line in the restaurants and in the fast food chains. So if you want to eat comfortably, go as early as 11 am to get the best table in the restaurants.

Hukad's Crispy Kare-kare

Two – If you want nail care (like manicure and pedicure and nail art), there’s a nice shop in the Mall. I have to admit though that I haven’t been there and I haven’t tried their services (and I have forgotten their name/the name of the shop). I have friends though who have tried and they are very happy and satisfied with the services. If you’re a biggie on nail care, why don’t you try?

Three – I like their parking area! At first, it was weird. I had difficulty breathing every time we went “under”, plus I got confused with the arrows pointing here and there. Well, in Cagayan de Oro the first basement parking is found in Gaisano Mall, and although it was in the basement, the ceiling was not very low. In Centrio, the ceiling is low and it somehow made me feel claustrophobic at first. Things changed as we frequented Centrio Mall – not that the ceiling miraculously went up. Maybe it’s because the dust has cleared and the cars parking below are not as many compared to when the mall just opened. One more thing – the guards are very courteous and I can really say the cars are safe.

Four – I like their Cinema (or should I say movie houses?)! Why? Because it smells new (because it’s new!) and I am sure there are no cockroaches yet under the seats and the carpet. They have four cinemas and they are in more ways cozy and comfortable. Then one more thing, when you go watch a movie, you get to choose your seat.

Five – Centrio Ayala Mall is not big yet it’s not small. Using a Filipino term, it’s just “tamang tama” for Cagayan de Oro.

Six – One more thing that I like with Centrio are their restrooms – they are clean and well kept. Well, I’ve been to a few of their restrooms – I can not really tell if I’ve been to all their CR’s because I don’t know how many there are – but suffice it to say that the one’s I’ve been to and used are all clean and tidy.

Seven – I just love Breadtalk! It’s like heaven when you get inside as you smell freshly baked bread. The place smells very sweet and once when I was there, I wondered what it would be like to have a home kitchen smelling exactly just the same).

Eight – If you want to get a good haircut, the hair salons in Centrio are not as crowded as the ones in SM or Limketkai.

Nine – Centrio Ayala Mall houses plenty of boutiques which sell branded items. So if you love branded items and you can afford them, Centrio would be a good place to visit.

Ten – The Mall is in the heart of the city and it’s easily accessible via public transportation like jeepneys and motorela. And here’s one very nice idea – if you find the things sold in Centrio way beyond your budget, you can always cross the street (CM Recto Avenue) and go to Gaisano Mall. Just be careful because CM Recto is very busy.

There goes my ten reasons! Expect that this list will grow in the next few weeks, so I hope you’ll check my blog often.

Enjoy Centrio Ayala Mall! Enjoy Cagayan de Oro!


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