12 Reasons Why It’s Wonderful to Be Married!


Is it? If you just asked the question with raised eyebrows, then I’m glad you’re reading this.

Yes it is! It is wonderful to be married … But it is not ‘a bed of roses’. For marriage to really work for both husband and wife, it takes mature love and strong faith in God. It requires commitment, sacrifice, patience, understanding, the willingness to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. Love in marriage is not blind – it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less. 

So why is it wonderful to be married? Let’s count the ways …

One – When you are married you have someone to talk to. Is that not awesome? It is, especially if you are an extrovert. When you are married you will have someone who will listen to you talk about anything and everything.  Then, there’s more! Because marriage is a two-way street, you also get the chance to listen too, and not just listen but hear … hear your partner’s plans, dreams, goals, ambitions, problems, fears, frustrations, longings, and a lot more. What could be more wonderful than this? Knowing that someone is there ready to listen to you, converse with you, counsel with you … That is priceless!

Two – When you are married you have someone to cheer you up when you’re down and sad, someone who truly cares about you and your happiness. And again because marriage is a partnership, you’re not only on the receiving end – you also give. Being married gives you the chance to cheer up your spouse, give him or her encouragement when he or she is down or feeling low. Having someone you truly love and care for, and to know that someone cares and wants you to be happy, that is invaluable!

Three – When you’re married you have someone to plan your future with … and work with to attain whatever it is you have set your hearts on …

Four – When you’re married you will have someone who will tell you what you need to improve as a person … not as a critic but as someone who cares about your well-being enough to tell you honestly. Marriage also gives you the chance to help your spouse be the best person that he or she can ever be. Both of you, working hand in hand, helping each other reach your greatest potential … what else can be greater?

Five – Being married is simply awesome because you will have someone to go places with. What good are beautiful places and sceneries if you’re all alone looking at them?

Six – The funny part! Being married is great because if you can’t decide which food to order, you have an excuse to choose two dishes and then try both by sharing. It would not be nice if you order two dishes and you’re all alone. People will say you eat too much!

Seven – Being married is great because you get to share love and wait for the result – an offspring of your own. It is amazing to wait for your baby to be born and see where he or she got his or her nose, eyes, lips, shape of the head, color of the eyes, color of the hair, and so much more!

Eight – Being married is exciting because on special days and occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and holidays, you can be sure that you’ll get a gift. And since it is better to give than to receive, it also gives you a chance to live this teaching by giving a gift as well. Deciding what gift to give can cause you a headache, but it’s really worth it especially as you wait in excitement to open the gift you just got from your spouse.  Marriage is truly wonderful!

Nine – Marriage is splendid because it gives you a reason to come home every single night. I’ve been to places with the best accommodations – the fluffiest pillows and the softest beds … but they are never as good as my own bed with my sweetheart beside me.

Ten – Marriage is wonderful because you have someone to grow old with … My husband and I, we practically spent more years together than we did with our parents (we married young). So we literally grew up together. Now, when we look at each other, in bed or sometimes across the table on our dates, I see his wrinkles and he sees my sagging chin and we exchange jokes about our graying hair.  Then, we simply smile at each other and say we definitely have grown old together. I would not change anything in my life … I am just glad we are growing old together.

Eleven – Marriage is fantastic because you have someone to hold … and someone who will hold you close … in good times and in bad.

Twelve – Marriage is priceless because it promises you lasting and perfect happiness … something you can’t have alone.

So marry right … By “right” I mean …

Marry someone you respect and who respects you back! If you are a woman, be sure to marry someone who will respect you as a daughter of God. Marry someone who’s going to take good care of your heart; someone who will not hurt you emotionally and physically.

Marry someone who understands that even if you are already married, each of you have an obligation to become the best that you can ever be. Someone who understands that even when you are already married you need to progress both individually and as a couple, and that you need to continue to learn, to mature, and to develop skills and talents for your own good and for the good of your family.

Marry someone you honor and who honors you back! And not only this … someone who honors your parents too!

Marry someone you understand and who understands you back! This means you know each other well enough to realize that we all have some sort of ‘weirdness’ in each of us and that it’s okay because it is part of human nature.

Marry someone you love and who loves you back! Someone who will accept you for who you are and who will help you become better … until you become the best that you can ever be. And this works the other way around too! Marry someone you accept for who he or she is, and be sure you are ready and committed to help him or her reach his or her greatest potential … all the way towards eternity!


3 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why It’s Wonderful to Be Married!”

  1. check. all of the above. true, true, true! 🙂 i think the best part about being married for me is, life just got more serious, but at the same time, being serious made me better! i made more serious goals, more serious plans and everything was attainable. kesa nung single pa ako, parang di ko alam kung saan ako pupunta. when i got married, fun times were more precious, the description of “sadness” was more intimate and i felt more joy and fulfillment. 🙂

    1. Hi Danet! Thank you for finding time to read this and for your comment. You are exactly right, marriage has a good way of making us better. I know one more blessing that you got from your marriage – you have very beautiful children! And I salute you for being a hands-on Mom. Stay happy always! ~Ate Tina (Wag Tita kasi lalo akong tumatanda hahaha!) ♥ Miss you! ♥

  2. Thank you for this mommy Tina!😃
    I agree😁 The road to eternity is too narrow that we need to be one with our companion and being one doesn’t mean losing our self, but instead helping each other become better individuals …. and be each other’s strength in reaching out goals…😃💐💖💕 miss you Mommy😉

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