What To Do When You Have Colds!

Colds … Cough … Flu … Who likes them?

I seldom get sick, but when I do, it really burns me out. I hate it most when I have colds because it not only brings with it headache that’s almost always unbearable, it also affects my appetite (lol), and so I lose my appetite for food!

These past six days had been very dreadful. I even missed attending my Relief Society class and Sunday school class last Sunday because I really had a bad bout of headache. It felt like my head was splitting into two and my nose was clogged beyond belief. So I went home and slept … and slept … and slept … for days and days until sleep would come no more. I was not able to work and do my regular house chores … and I felt miserable.

Today I feel much better, and I am writing here some of the things I found out as I did some research on home remedies for colds. These suggestions do not replace seeing or consulting a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. These are just some suggestions in addition to whatever the doctor will say after proper consultation.

8 glasses of water everyday

Drink Up!

The first thing that you can do if you have colds is what many people call “water therapy”.  It simply means drink more water or fruit juice if you like. 8 to 10 ounces of water a day is ideal, but if you can drink more, the better. Just be careful not to drown yourself (hah!).  Fluids keep you properly hydrated and it helps make your throat comfortable. It also helps in decongesting your throat and your nose from mucus. Avoid caffeinated drinks as they make things worst. Caffeinated drinks such as soda and coffee are diuretics and they will not help your body‘s hydration.

Take Warm Showers!

The steam in warm showers helps loosen the phlegm, so it helps improve how you feel. When taking a warm shower, close the windows and the curtains so you can maximize the steam from the warm water. Be sure to dry yourself well before going out of the bathroom. Stay dry and wear comfortable clothes. Stay away from electric fans or air conditioning units most especially when your hair is still wet from the shower. Blow dry your hair if possible so the cold will not seep through your back.

Take Warm Drinks

Warm drinks made of lemon and honey can also help alleviate the symptoms of colds. Just be careful and make sure the drink is warm and not hot so you don’t scald your throat or your mouth.


You can also try to inhale steam. Do this by boiling water in a pot. When the water is hot enough, pour it in a pan and place it in a safe area. Place your head facing downward on the pan to get the most of the steam. Inhale the steam through your nose. The steam will loosen the phlegm and your clogged nose. Be extra careful not to scald or burn yourself with the hot water.

Fruits rich in Vitamin C

Take Vitamin C and Eat Lots of Fruits

There’s nothing much to explain here. You can opt to take vitamin C supplements or you can also load up with fresh fruits that are vitamin c rich such as citrus and berries.

Well, these are just simple things you can do at home to alleviate your cold symptoms.  Try them, maybe things will get better for you the soonest!


Images courtesy of Anusorn P Nachol & Zirconicusso /FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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