On Losing Weight: Making the Decision Is Only the Beginning … the First Step to A Long Journey!

I made the decision to try again, one more time, to lose weight. The question is not “why” … or “how”. I believe it all boils down to this one very critical question: “do I really want it bad enough?”

I know facts and truths about losing weight mainly because I’ve been there and did it.

A few years ago I succeeded in bringing down the size of my waistline from 40 (more or less) to 30 … or maybe 32 inches. I did it in eight (8) months by completely eliminating soda drinks, replacing carbs from my daily diet with fruits and vegetables, and yes, walking. I walked for almost an hour more or less 4 times a week.  The result was fabulous! From size Extra Extra Large (XXL) I went down to Medium, and for the first time in so many years I was able to wear again branded denim jeans. I was able to buy clothes from trendy boutiques without being told nothing would fit me!

I felt good! And I looked good!

But it did not last long. Slowly I gained back the weight I lost. Why and how, I would rather not discuss it here, but suffice it to say I failed to maintain my new weight and form. Today I can, with so much guilt, say, am back to where I was before.

From that experience I learned two truths. One truth is that it can be done. With the right motivation losing weight is not impossible. The second truth is this: it’s not losing weight that’s hard – it’s maintaining it!

So I have decided to try one more time. Why? Because I’m tired of not being able to pick up something from the floor. I’m tired of always having to prepare and try on at least three blouses before I finally get to choose the one that I would look decent on every time I go out. I’m tired of always feeling heavy, of not being able to buy the clothes that I want, of not looking nice … and because I want to live longer.

For motivation I did something this morning: I rummaged my roomful of clothes I am no longer able to wear. I saw designer and branded jeans and piles and piles of blouses that are as good as new. I realized if I shed a few kilos, I can wear all of them again and I don’t even need to buy new ones – I have enough to last till I reach 70! On second thought I take that back! I would definitely look awful in them – an old woman wearing trendy clothes!

Do I want to lose weight? Yes! Do I know what to do? Yes? Can I do it? Yes! I know I can!

I will … I will … I will …

From this …

  To this …

Or maybe even this …


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