Typhoon Pablo in Cagayan de Oro!

Our house sits on top of a hill overlooking Cagayan de Oro City. We are blessed with a very beautiful view of Cagayan de Oro City. From our back porch one can easily see Pryce Plaza, the rising Paseo del Rio, Dynasty Court, and all the tall buildings of the City. From back porch, my office, our kitchen, and our bedrooms, every day during lunch time; it actually feels like we’re on the beach because of the gentle sea breeze …

Last Monday, knowing that a super typhoon is coming our way, I kept looking at the horizon, at a far distance where picturesque Camiguin is. There was no sign whatsoever of turmoil … the sun was up shining ever so brightly and there were occasional clouds immaculate blue skies. The night before, it drizzled a little bit, as well as in the early morning … but that was it.

But we knew a storm was coming … but we were ready.

The day before, sirens could be heard all over the city, code blue, signaling people to leave their homes, the ones in the danger zone. Voluntary evacuation was being implemented. It kept going on and on, and it definitely was not a nice sound to hear, more like from an old World War movies. But it was necessary.

The river that day was peaceful …We went to the new bridge in Paseo del Rio and checked the water level – it was still normal. No sign of floodwater … yet!


Then the rains came … then the wind.

We went around the City around 8 in the morning, and we saw that the now-getting-stronger-winds have started to do damage to some of the rooftops and business signage(s) in the City.

Around 11:30, we had to get to the City to pick up our daughter from work. At one point, around 12 noon, while parked alongside a store building, waiting for our daughter to finally come, our car was rocked sideways by the strong wind.  We went home immediately knowing that Pablo has arrived.

An hour or two after the strong winds and the rain, things began to look better. No more rain and no more wind. But we knew something is yet coming … the flood waters from the mountains!

And then it came, rushing full strength … bringing along logs and trees and shrubberies. In no time it rose, and it covered again houses once destroyed by typhoon Sendong. This time however, the floodwaters did not claim any life. The preemptive measures worked. Lives were saved. Yes, properties were still destroyed, but those are just properties. In no time and with the right attitude, people can buy things again, and start anew.


One thought on “Typhoon Pablo in Cagayan de Oro!

  1. Dear Mommy Tina,
    Thanks for this blog post. In Malaybalay proper it was only the whirling wind from all directions. Thank you, too for the photos. I only get to know about the repeat path that Pablo took following Sendong. It heartening to note that all were ready this time. Great blog post.

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