Are Your Drinking Tea to Lose Weight? Here’s Something You Should Know!

Lose Weight

I know a lot of people who drink tea to lose weight. Well, I don’t drink tea for a purpose, and I never will, but hearing a few friends talk about how effective tea is in reducing weight made me curious. I found out that people who drink tea in order to reduce weight choose two very popular brands available in the market today. These two brands contain Senna as their main ingredient. Now here’s what I found out about Senna:

Senna leaves dried and then powdered

Senna is not a tea; it is an herb. The senna plant’s fruits and leaves are used to make medicines.

Senna contains chemicals called sennosides which causes the irritation of the bowel lining, which in effect causes the person to defecate even with a small amount of food intake.

Senna is an FDA approved laxative. By definition laxative is a food or drug that stimulates evacuation of the bowels. It is used to treat constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. People with hemorrhoids are sometimes advised by doctors to take senna to aid in the defecation.

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) highly recommends that every product containing Senna should carry with it a warning saying that “it is not to be used long term or when a person has diarrhea or abdominal pains”. Pregnant women as well as nursing mothers are cautioned not to use Senna.

Senna is not for long term use.

Thus the question: Is senna safe to use when trying to lose weight? The answer is obvious …

Senna Plant photo from


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /


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