What Matters Most … What’s Most Important!

What matters most …

What’s most important …

I never really gave much thought about these two statements when I was a young mother. Had I known about these two truths before, I can honestly say I could have been a better mother to my children.

Me and Myco in 1986

Not that I am not a good mother, or I did not try. It’s just that I came to realize that there are things that had I done them myself, I would not have any regrets now. Things about motherhood that I did not know before, and surely, had I known, I would have done them.

If I can turn back time and do things all over again, I would bathe all my babies myself. In saying this, I am not being ungrateful to my Mother-in-law who bathed all my five children when they were infants up until they were toddlers. On the contrary, I will forever be grateful to her for the things she did for me. I saw and I witnessed that she did all those because she loves us. But still, if I can turn back the time, I will bathe them all one by one, and enjoy and cherish every moment of it. I will not be afraid that water will get into their ears, or that I will break their tiny bones or joints, that they will drown, that I will accidentally drop them, or that I will not be able to wash the liquid soap off them.  I will ask my Mother-in-Law to show me how to do it properly and ask her to guide me until I can do it all by myself.

Mommy learning how to bathe Myco ♥

Today, my children are taller than me, and they have grown so fast. In a few years I know someone will come knocking at out door to “ask for their hands” in marriage. I hope I will still be alive when that time comes. I hope I will have the chance to teach them about proper diet during pregnancy, how to bathe their infant children, how to properly breastfeed, what to do when a baby has colic, or is irritable and not feeling well … all these and more that a young mother needs to know and learn how to do.

Today I’m doing my best to prepare them emotionally, mentally, and physically to become good wives, loving mothers, good husband, and responsible father. I hope I am doing well … and I hope they are learning from me. Why? Because nobody else will teach them all these things that matters most … only me, their mother. I love them more than my life … and I hope they know this by heart. I only want the best for them.

My children are the most important people in my life …

They matter most to me.


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