Tropical Resort in Cagayan de Oro City

Tropical Resort Pool in CdO (

Normally, if you want to go swimming in a pool in Cagayan de Oro, top of the mind will be the swimming pools found in hotels like those in Marco Hotel in Cugman, Pryce Plaza in upper Carmen, N Hotel in Kauswagan,  Chali Beach in Cugman, Lauremar Beach in Opol, Coco Bay in Baloy, Country Village Hotel in Carmen, Middleton Apartelle in Carmen, and Koresko Hotel going to Lumbia.

But what if you don’t like the swimming pools in hotels because they are expensive and they have strict requirements like wearing proper swimming attire? What if you have a large group of people who wants to go swimming in a pool but wants to do it like how things are normally done in the beaches? People like to bring their own food (BYOP) and some prefer to cook or grill fish or do barbecue on site … Where can you go? Is there such a place, a resort with a pool like this in CdO?

There is! Near the Land Transportation Office in Bulua is Tropical Resort with a good-sized swimming pool ideal for large groups of “picnickers”. They also have large spaces for outdoor activities. They also have a place where you can grill your own fish or meat or your barbecue.

How to Get There

If you don’t know where the Land Transportation Office is, then finding the place may pose a little challenge. But it’s not a big deal. It’s on the highway going to Opol, but of course still in the Bulua area. You have to pass by Gaisano Bulua first, and then just about 700 meters more there’s a Petron Gasoline Station on the right side; it means you’re almost there. Just a few meters more from the Petron station is a dirt road to the right. You’ll also see Smoke Emission Testing Centers there. Take the right turn and it will lead you to the LTO. Pass by the LTO and then just a few meters ahead, turn right again. Then you’ll see a white building with mango trees line up – that’s it! That’s the Tropical Resort.

The Fee

Entrance fee is 40.00 per person inclusive already of the tables and chairs.

If you love to sing, in public that is (and share your singing voice with everyone), the resort has a videoke machine where you can sing to your heart’s content and you only have to pay 5.00 per song. But please, one favor: if you’re out-of-tune, be kind enough and be considerate of the other pool-users and guests by turning the volume down …

Plus (+)

The shower rooms and the cr are all immaculately clean. The dining areas are clean too. They also have a large and spacious area for other outdoor activities.

There is a store inside the resort and they sell soft drinks and other junk food (chichirya) at reasonable prices.

Minus (+)

Most likely for safety reasons, the pool is highly treated, and you can easily smell chlorine in the pool water. This is good, but not on your colored shirts. So if you’re going to swim in the pool, don’t wear anything black – it will turn grey once you’re done swimming.

Due probably to its proximity to the City and because it’s very affordable, some schools conduct their PE/swimming classes here. Thus it is best to ask the front desk/gate which days are busy, specifically which days the students from the schools have their Physical Education classes. The students in these PE classes fill the pool just like cereals in a bowl of milk – you definitely can’t do any swimming anymore, especially when they “invade” the shallow portion of the pool … all that’s left is the kiddie swimming pool or the deepest side of the pool at 6 feet.

PE Students in Tropical Resort

Photo Gallery

Tropical Resort Swimming Pool in CdO (

Tropical Resort Pool in CdO (

Tropical Resort Swimming Pool near LTO in CdO

Tropical Resort in Cagayan de Oro

Tropical Resort in Cagayan de Oro City (

Tropical Resort in Cagayan de Oro (


15 thoughts on “Tropical Resort in Cagayan de Oro City

  1. Is there anyone here who knows there contact number because I am planning to take a reservation to them for our party this coming Saturday(February 9, 2013). Please let me know ASAP! Or does anyone here knows how much is there reservation fee?

    • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, this is not a paid advertisement and I do not have their contact number. I would suggest you visit the place and make your reservation as early as possible. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Mommy Tina,does tropical resort have lodging where we can spend the night. good for family around 20 members .hence, how much would be the cost? thank’s your blogs really help a lot.

    • Hello! My apologies for this very late reply. I don’t think they have a place for people to sleep in Tropical Resort. But let me check, okay? How about the place in Barra, Opol? There’s a private party venue there (Balbin) with a pool and they also have rooms where you can stay overnight. I have a post about it here in this Blog too! Please check it out!

      Thanks a lot and truly sorry for the late reply.

      Mommy Tina

  3. hi mommy tina good day..I’m from cagayan de oro city,im working now in singapore i just wnted to know how must your reservation for the brithday party,?

    • Hi Ms Princess! Thanks for writing. I really have no idea but I’ll try to find out and I’ll give you their contact number so you can get in touch with them.

      Thanks again!

      Mommy Tina

  4. Hello po Mommy tina i am now searching a pool resort here in cagayan de oro i just want to chill out before i leave the cagayan then this site the 1st i saw while i am searching a pool your resort is large and affordable but we can’t find the way to go there,, but i will try my best to try we wanted to night swimming as well hope u reply for me inquiries

    • Hello! Tropical Resort is in Bulua, just beside the Land Transportation Office. Any taxi can take you there. I am just not sure if they offer over-night accommodations.


      Mommy Tina

  5. Hello po Mommy tina i am now searching a pool resort here in cagayan de oro i just want to chill out before i leave the cagayan then this site the 1st i saw while i am searching a pool your resort is large and affordable we wanted to night swimming as well hope u reply for me inquiries

  6. Hi Ms Tina I wanna ask if formal party with red carpet is allowed in your resort? do you also serve buffet? how much would be the possible amount for 70 persons including food and the venue party starts at 4pm til midnight.. thanks much

    • Hi Ms Jurnaline! Thank you for your query. I, however, do not own Tropical Resort. I just wrote an article about the place for the information of the general public.


      Mommy Tina

    • Hello! My apologies for the late reply. I am sorry but I have no current information about the resort. Will try to update my blog post on this when I get additional information.


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