Cabula Spring Resort

Cabula Spring Resort

Thinking of going swimming? Try the Cabula Spring Resort in Cabula.

How to Get There

From SM City, Cabula Spring Resort is more or less 10 to 15 minutes away past the airport on the road going to Talakag, Bukidnon and it’s before the Makahambus Cave. The Spring Resort is on the left side of the road (towards Makahambus) so be sure to watch out for the signage at the entrance. Your car, if you’re driving one, will have to get inside the gate, drive for more or less 200 meters and go down a small slope towards the resort.

Entrance Fee 

Adults will have to pay 50.00 each and children below 4 feet will be charged 30.00 as entrance fee.

Cottages, Tents, and Tables

Cottages can be rented for 250.00, tents for 150.00 or 100.00, while tables can be rented for 50.00.


Just very recently, the resort added a zip line for their swimmers. The brave and strong-hearted can maneuver the hanging bridge and go up the platform and then use the zip line and enjoy the drop to the pool’s cool water!

Plus (+) 

What I like with the Cabula Spring Resort: fresh, flowing water! Not very crowded, especially during weekdays, most likely because its a little far from the City.

Minus (-)

Flies! According to the caretaker, there are numerous Poultry Farms near the Resort, hence the flies. Hopefully management will do something with the flies because the pool is really nice and the zipline is awesome!

Tip: If you’re going soon, maybe it would be wise to bring a candle or two and light them up when you’re ready to eat!




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