Persistent Headache? Here Are the Possible Causes

Persistent Headache?

A lot of people take headaches as something that normal. They just pop a headache pill and wait for the pain to go away. But what about the kind headache that never goes away?

Here’s something that probably not very many people realize: some types of headaches can actually be caused by something else.

Too Much Medication

Too Much Medication – Do you know that when you take too much headache medication it can actually worsen what you’re feeling? Yes it’s true and that’s according to medical experts. This usually happens when one takes too much medication that is bought over-the-counter. The point is this: you have to take the right medication for whatever it is you that’s affecting you, headache included. So if this is happening to you, the best thing to do is to stop taking the over-the-counter headache medication and go see a doctor for proper diagnosis. He then can prescribe you with the correct medicine for whatever is causing your headache.

Maybe It’s Depression – It is also possible that the headache is actually caused by depression. When a person is depressed, anxiety comes in and this causes headache. When you take a pill or medication for the headache, it does not really address the main problem, which is of course the depression. If you have been taking headache medications for months and yet you have not felt relieved at all, and if you feel that you are depressed and that is what’s causing the headache, then go see your doctor. He can also prescribe you with the right meds and he can also help you with your depression.


Dehydration Can Also Cause A Headache – Not very many people are aware that dehydration can actually cause headaches. Do you often stay outside and under the sun? Do you drink water whenever you feel thirsty? Feeling thirsty is the body’s way of telling you that it needs to be rehydrated; that you need to drink water to replenish what was lost during your strenuous physical activities. When you delay drinking water, the body sends another signal, the headache. So whenever you have a headache and you’re outdoors and you’ve been under the so much stress, drink up. The headache is caused by dehydration.

Okay so here’s the bottom line: some headaches are just headaches and they go away with any kind of headache pill. But here’s the most important thing: if your headache does not go away after taking your medication, or if the headache continues to come, and if it stays for long, then consult your doctor as it may be caused by something else.

Consult Your Doctor

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