My Teacher’s Day Tribute to My Own Teachers …

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I never dreamt of becoming a teacher.  Or probably, the most fitting statement would be that becoming a teacher was never part of my plan. Little had I known that teaching would play a great role in my being who I am right now.

And so from where I am now, and for who I have become, and who I will be, I would like to pay tribute to my teachers – they who have taught me when I was young, and as I grew older. I learned from them more from their examples than from what they discussed in classrooms. They have touched my heart and helped me become strong. They have in so many ways inspired me to try to be better as a friend and as a teacher to my students.

I remember most of them … And for those whom I may have forgotten, my sincere apologies. I hope to remember all of you soon ♥

These are all my teachers since Elementary until College, also in the Graduate School ( MBA) and in my Post Doctorate Degree ( PhD) =)

My tribute to all of you! You have influenced me for good!

My sincere appreciation and gratitude …

I take the teaching profession as a sacred duty and responsibilty, and rest assured I will do my best to be the kind of teacher my students will always remember, as I remember you … with much respect and fondness, and undying gratitude!


Teacher Isidro ♥


  • Grade 1 – Miss Intong
  • Grade 2 – Mrs Diez
  • Grade 3 – Mrs Christina Ramos
  • Grade 4 – Mrs Thelma Salise
  • Grade 5 – Mrs Joy Tilanduca
  • Grade 6 – Mrs Thelma Salise
  • Social Studies – Mrs. Felicitas Reyes
  • Mr Cabañeles
  • Mr Ed Lungay

Mrs. Linda Beltran was my Principal ♥

Mrs Hannah Magdale was my Music teacher and Choir Director ♥

High School

  • Mrs Fely Titar
  • Mrs Nornie Micayabas
  • Mrs Betty Garcia
  • Ms Josephine Eugenio
  • Ms Remy Garcia
  • Mrs Cordova
  • Mrs Connie Partosa
  • Ms Estela Itaas
  • Ms Mercy Sendaydiego-Villamayor
  • Mr Rudy Partosa
  • Ms Carol Ramos
  • Mrs Virgie Tubeo

College  (Xavier University)

  • Dr Elizabeth Olavides-Soriano – History
  • Ms Luisa Saministrado – English
  • Mr Angel Bernat – RS
  • Ms Añover – Math
  • Mrs Cuenca – Public Administration
  • Dr Tolod – English
  • Mrs Roa – English
  • Mr Perez – Production Management
  • Mrs Jardin – Accounting
  • Mr Jesse Salon – Accounting
  • Ms Lomongo
  • Mrs Sayusay – PE


  • Mr Adrian Pabayo – Human Behavior in Organization
  • Engr Batar – Quantitative Analysis
  • Engr Awa – DE & Production Management
  • Ms Myra Balandra – Economics
  • Dr Alphonso Hortelano – Control 1 & 2
  • Mr Eduardo Layug – Financial Management, Marketing Management, and WAC
  • Mr Bobby Sebastian – Business Policy & Business Research

PhD in Education

  • Dr Lourdes Tolod
  • Dr. Neneng Absin
  • Dr. Amphie Dinagsao
  • Dr. Nereus Acosta
  • Dr. Jesus Taberdo
  • Dr. Ramona Heidi Palad
  • Dr. Magtrayo

“A teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good action, for one single good poem, accomplishes more than he who fills our memory with rows and rows of natural objects, classified with name and form.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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