Dreams are …

This morning I woke up sobbing … I just had a sad dream …

We were on board a ship, and it was raining hard.  Our bunks were two floors/decks down the main deck of the boat, and in the window I could see we were underwater. Remember old submarine movies and those rounded windows that show dark waters when you’re below the sea? I saw that in my dream, and we were down there … and I was scared.

The water was dripping everywhere and I was struggling to push the tarpaulin-like material which was heavy with rain water …

Then suddenly I realized I was alone.  I looked around for him but he was nowhere to be found. I panicked …

Then as fast as my dream began it came to its conclusion. The boat docked, and I went down the plank wet and alone. Then I saw him there … standing. I began to cry … but I only had one question in my mind and heart … and I looked at him and asked … “why did you leave me?”

I woke up sobbing … and as I write this I still can feel the pain … of being abandoned … of being all alone …



Photos by Arwen Abendstern and silent shot


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