What’s In a Name?

I’m sure my parents named me Maria Christina for a very good reason …

One time I asked my Mom where my name came from, and her reply was short but very meaningful, she said “you were born the night before Christmas, and so we named you Maria Christina for Merry Christmas!”

Growing up I was called Maricris by my parents, relatives, and friends. My Papa, my Mama, and my sister Chary call me “Cris” … my youngest sister calls me Ate Chris. By this same name I am called by my cousins too, even until now.

Time, distance, and some other reasons has somehow changed that … and now friends and colleagues call me Tina … or Mommy Tina … I am now known and called as Christina or Tina.

Well … Maria Christina, Maricris, Chris, Christina, Tina, Mommy Tina … they’re all me …

But let me put it this way … when I die, I want this name written in my tombstone …

Chris … for who I truly am … and for who I was named for!



Photo by paparutzi


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