Going Through Life’s “Rock Tumbler”?

Polished Agate


This is agate stone. I got this as a “memory stone” from a training I attended earlier this year.

We were told that this agate stone is found in the west desert of Utah and was polished twenty-four-hours-a-day for five weeks in a rock tumbler with other materials. Its color, shape, and shine have been greatly enhanced by the polishing.

Then we were shown how an unpolished agate stone looks like…

Unpolished Agate Stone.jpg

Each of us is just like the unpolished agate stone. At first we are all raw, coarse in some ways, with sharp edges here and there, but already beautiful in more ways than one.

As we, however, go through life’s “rock tumbler” of difficulties, challenges, and adversities, we too, are given the chance to become refined.

As we pass through the long, often hurting and always humbling refining processes in life, we become like this agate stone … elegant … shining brightly … more precious … and far more beautiful!


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