Marathons and Fun Runs: I Want to Join But I’m Overweight. Is It Safe?

I am on the heavy side … I am overweight and I want to lose weight!

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of friends (Oh, I should say pictures of my friends) join marathons and it looks like they’re having the best times of their lives. Oh how I envy them! I would love to do the same – run! Oh wait! Did I just say that? That I would love to run? On second thoughts … let me reconsider … Do I really want to run or is it just the idea of losing weight (which comes with running) that I really want?

Running and Losing Weight

Do I want to run to lose weight? To be honest about it, I want to lose weight … and if I can do it just sitting down, then I’d choose that option over running and sweating out under the scorching heat of the sun (lol)!  I am exaggerating though! Running does not have to be done midday for one to maximize the effects of burning calories, unless I want to burn myself like a toast or a roast or barbecued pork! Running can also be done indoors in gyms and even at home with the use of treadmills. So there are many options on running!

I have to accept it: they all look nice and fit and I would love to look just like them! I hate being in this fat body – I know I am slim and sexy deep inside! Hahaha! This is one funny joke I read about losing weight in one of my researches, and thinking about it and writing it down here has made me laugh again. But there’s truth to this, inside every fat body is a slim person, only wrapped with so much fat hahaha!

Okay, so I researched some more about running so that I will know whether I should do it or not.

So back to the topic …

Well, running is not easy, and it requires strict discipline.

What’s My Aim Again?

Do I want to run for the love of running or do I want to run to lose weight? I am tempted to respond: does it matter? Unfortunately, it does matter! According to health experts, if the aim or intent is primarily to lose weight, then there are many other less strenuous exercises that can be done like aerobic exercises and swimming.

The Risks

I know that running is a good exercise! It is even excellent for the heart and the lungs, plus its first rate when we talk about burning calories! However, exercise experts are cautioning people who are overweight (like me) who wants to start running that it (running) can be very risky as there can be lower extremity injuries which may result from the excess weight that I am carrying. My knees can be damaged if I run as they will be made to take on the added pressure every time my feet lands on the flat surface for every single leap, hop, or step I take.

Therefore …

I learned that if I really want to lose weight through running … that I should start with simple walking first.  I should start with short walks, and then as my body adjusts, then I can begin jogging … and ultimately, in due time, commence running.

The key to losing weight however, is as simple as ABC. It is burning more calories than consumed!

Is the game still on? Hahahaha! Let’s see!




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