Feeling Sad and Blue? Do You Even Know Why? It Could It Be Depression!

Depression is a fact of life: sometimes we feel okay, and sometimes we don’t feel okay. The wisdom of old describes this as the natural cycle of life – sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. Old people say “what comes up eventually comes down … in time”. But is this really the reason why as people we sometimes feel “up and about and happy” and then at times “down and out and blue”?

It’s More than Just the Cycle of Life

Well, feeling “down and out and blue” occasionally is brought about by many things, and to say its just the cycle of life is like answering hastily a child’s simple question just because we want to get rid of him as fast as we could!  There’s more to it, and it would be healthy if we try to understand more so we can deal with the feeling more effectively.

It Has Everything to Do with the People You’re With

Do you know that the association you keep has an effect on how you feel about life in general? Think about this for a moment: what do you think will happen to you if you’re always with a person who’s grouchy and miserable? In no time, you too will be like the person … because misery can actually rub on you. A constant bombardment of negative thoughts, constant negative conversations can actually turn a happy disposition into something less desirable. Remember the adage “misery loves company”? You will eventually become miserable yourself.

On the opposite extreme of the spectrum, think about what will happen to you if you are constantly in good company? The people you’re with are always happy, talks about the good things in life; looks at the glass “half full” rather than “half empty”; people who believe and hope for better things to come? Surely you too, will be able to feel the positive vibes. You’ll be happier and at peace.


Look Around You  

Do you know that the place you’re always in also has an effect on your general well being? Look around you and examine the place you’re in. Are you in a well lighted room? Does it have a window that allows you to see the view outside? Can the rays of the sun light the room through the window? How about the lighting in the room? Look at the color schemes of the painted walls and the curtains and the furniture. These are things we hardly even notice, but they do matter. Well-lighted rooms are good for people; windows are blessings as they allow the sun to come into the room. If the location of the room in the building does not allow windows, then at least the artificial lighting and the furniture must compensate for the lack of natural light from the sun. Furniture and curtains must ideally be of color schemes that are lively.

These two may seem insignificant, but in truth is they are not. The people who keep you company and the environment you’re in affects how you feel about yourself and life in general. Hence, be mindful of these things, take charge of your life by making the necessary changes, deal with depression, and be happy!



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