Sauteed Calabasa with Sayote Tops


Not very many young people like green leafy vegetables, but not in my house! My children love ALL green leafy vegetables, except Dahon ng Ampalaya, which is understandable!

Here’s one viand that I love … which my children also loves … and every time I cook this, almost always, everything is gone after the meal! 

I remember with fondness this viand because this is one of my childhood favorites. My father tweaks this recipe in so many interesting ways. He sometimes use Ampalaya tops, at times the Ampalaya fruit itself, sometimes just dahon ng sibuyas, when available bulak sa calabasa, and of course, my favorite, sayote tops.


  • Pork strips or ground pork, the quantity depends on how much you like in your viand
  • Kalabasa, cut into cubes
  • Just choose one of the following: Sayote tops, Calabasa flower, sibuyas dahon, dahon sa ampalaya, ampalaya, or sayote tops
  • Garlic, minced
  • Onion, sliced
  • Patis for seasoning
  • Water, the quantity again will depend on you. If you want more sauce or sabaw, then add more water
  • Dried shrimps (optional)


Sauteed Calabasa with Sayote Tops
Sauteed Calabasa with Sayote Tops


In a pot with cover, sauté the garlic until golden brown;

Add the onion and wait until it turns transparent;

Add the pork; wait until it turns a little brown (or until you think its cooked);

Add the water, cover and then let it simmer for a few minutes;

Add the Kalabasa;

Season with Patis;

Simmer until its tender;

When ready to eat, add the green veggies and cover for a few seconds, only enough to cook the leafy vegetable. Never overcook the greens!

Serve hot with rice.

This dish goes perfectly with any fried meat or fish.




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