Your Feet Stinks? Here Are Four Simple Steps to Solve It!

Smelly Feet?
Smelly Feet?

Stinky and smelly feet: more of a man’s problem than a woman’s!  Is this true? Well, don’t argue because I’m a woman … I’ve written this article … and this is my blog!

Hahaha! I’m just joking! Seriously thought, stinky feet is a universal problem. It affects almost everyone, regardless of gender, race, hair color, weight, height, beauty, social status, etc.

So What Causes Stinky Feet?

First of all, stinky feet are caused by the same bacteria that causes body odor.  The bacteria thrive in wet or moist places, especially dirty gloomy areas … and your feet meets all the description of an ideal breeding ground for such bacteria.

Keep your shoes clean
Keep your shoes clean

Can Smelly and Stinky Feet Be Avoided?

Definitely! There are four (4) very simple tips on how you can avoid smelly and stinky feet, or how to remedy your already smelly and stinky feet (lol!)

First, always make sure to keep your feet clean and dry. To do this, before putting on your socks in the morning, mid-day, or in the evening, scrupulously wash your feet with running water. If you don’t have access to running water, a wet washcloth will do. But be sure to use plenty of soap! Rinse your feet very well. Then, wipe your feet with dry a piece of dry cloth and let it air dry for a few minutes. When its totally dry, you may then to put on your socks and your shoes. If you have foot powder, it will also help to use it.

Second, remember that smelly feet equals smelly shoes.  Have you had an experience when a house guest removed his shoes and fume-like terrible odor suddenly enveloped the house?  Or maybe it was not your friend – it was your feet! Well, nobody wants to be in such a terrible and embarrassing situation.  So, treat your shoes with an over-the-counter deodorizer. Keep it clean and dry. Wash it as needed. Put it in a place where there’s air circulating.

Third, wear thick, absorbent socks as they help absorb sweat and they also keep your feet dry!

Forth and last, check you diet. What kind of foods do you like? If you are the kind of person who sweats a lot, it will do you good to avoid spicy foods! They cause body odor! Then, drinks lots of water as it cleanses the body from toxins that also causes body odor!

Do these four, and let’s cross our fingers your feet will smell no more!





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