Writer’s Block!

Writer's Block
Writer's Block

It has been quite some time since I last wrote something here. I often refer to this as my “writer’s block” moment. It’s not really that I do not have anything to write about, it is more on “I just do not want to write anything – period”.

A lot of things has happened since my last entry here. I have been to places; been through a lot; read a lot of reading materials – books, hand-outs, magazines, newspapers, product leaflets, promo materials, tarps, even receipts; I have visited and browsed a lot of blogs and websites; I have watched so many movies and videos in 3D and HD – in movies houses, in my desktop computer, in my lap top, in the TV;  I have listened to many songs – on FM stations, on live streaming, in the car ; and I have seen many people! All these used to inspire me to write; triggered buttons in my brain … But now … still nothing. So I guess I’ll wait some more … maybe, who knows … I might just come across something soon, something that would take my fancy … and help jumpstart my brain and my fingers into writing something again.


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