Where We Stayed In Camiguin

On our way to Camiguin

We were all very excited to finally be able to visit Camiguin. You see, in our kitchen window, we can see the silhouette of the island and for a very long time we have wondered about the beauty of the so-called paradise island. Besides, my sister-in-law’s husband is from Camiguin, and we have heard wonderful stories about the pristine white sands in Camiguin’s White Island.

So just like the typical traveler in today’s high-tech world, I eagerly went online to do some research on the island. First on the list was to find out about hotels or inns in the area – most especially finding the best deal there is. My goal was to look for the best accommodation that I can afford with my budget. So I “opened” Google and began my research. Well, I found a few hotels, resorts with cottages, and Inns. I came up with a short list; the considerations were as follows: distance to the tourist spots, whether there was a swimming pool; free wi fi or internet access; air condition; own toilet and bath; number of occupants per room; fee per extra bed; and of course the room rate. My plan was to visit the ones I have shortlisted when we arrive in Camiguin and make the final decision only when I have seen all of them.

Much to my dismay, the things that were written in the blogs and websites were not exactly what I saw when I visited the hotels, inns, cottages, and resorts in Camiguin. The fees were actually higher than what was posted in their websites. There were no swimming pools in two of the places/hotels/inns/cottages/resorts which posted that they have swimming pools. And one more thing, some of the owners and operators of the cottages we went to, were very poor in terms of customer service.

We were hot and tired as it was high noon already, and we decided to have one more look at one more resort. We stopped just beside Paras Beach Resort when we noticed this new building that looked more like an apartment than a hotel – but a hotel or Lodge it was! It was new and nice looking, and we unanimously agreed it was probably an expensive place, something that was most likely “out of our league”. My husband however, probably because he was already tired from driving all the way from Cagayan de Oro, suggested we inquire inside, and so we did. Boy how glad I am that we did!

Chumz Travel Lodge
Chumz Travel Lodge

The place, called Chumz Travel Lodge, is nice, new, lovely, classy and elegant, clean, and surprisingly affordable! To think it’s located just beside the most expensive hotel in Camiguin – Paras beach Resort!

So we checked in at Chumz Travel Lodge. We got one of the rooms in the second floor which had an amazing view of Mt Hibok Hibok in its back terrace. The room was clean; there were two beds; they had wi fi connection; the shower room/comfort room was nice and clean; the floors were clean; the curtains were clean; there was cable TV; and they had a convenience store downstairs. We also found out that it was just a few steps away from the terminal to the White Island. That was an added bonus!

Now here’s one plus factor: the lady in charge of the hotel was very accommodating, helpful and kind; and the hotel owner, Mrs Tess Salcedo, is also a very remarkable person. I enjoyed talking to them both, most especially Ma’am Tess.

I asked her why her hotel or lodge is not in the Internet, and she told me why. I promised her that I will write about her place in my blog. I am hoping to help her get more clients and guests, but more than that, I’d like to help those who will be visiting Camiguin find a good place to stay.

Chumz Travel Lodge in Camiguin
Chumz Travel Lodge in Camiguin


So if you’re visiting Camiguin and want to stay in a good place that’s affordable, clean, new, and with excellent customer service, go to Chumz Travel Lodge. It’s right beside Paras Beach Resort. The place is owned by Ms. Teresita P. Salcedo and their contact numbers for your inquiries are Tel. NO. 088 387 9549 and 0917 303 7305.



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3 thoughts on “Where We Stayed In Camiguin

    • Hello! Yes! You can actually hire a jeep or a multicab for a fee and the driver will take you to most of the famous tourist spots in the island. The last time I was there (last summer), for a 1-day tour the fee is 1,500.00 inclusive of gas. There are jeepney or multicab owners who are open to negotiation, like you can haggle that you pay for a much lower fee but you shoulder the gas. Moreover, the fee is also dependent on the number of tourist spots you will visit; the more destinations, the costlier. The driver will also decide how long you stay in a particular tourist spot.

      Where can you find these jeepney or multicab operators/drivers? When you disembark from the ferryboat in Camiguin. Outside the port you will find them offering their jeeps to arriving passengers. Here’s my tip: be sure that you negotiate or transact business with the driver or the operator, not with a middleman or agent. If you end up negotiating with a middleman, you might be charged double or more than the amount you initially agreed upon.

      I hope this helps!

      Mommy Tina

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