The Relationship Between Obesity and Pregnancy!

Weight, Fertility, and Pregnancy Goes Hand in Hand

Have you been told to lose weight otherwise you will never get pregnant? I have heard women make comments about this, but I never believed it to be true, until I read a research on it one day in one medical journal, the December issue of Human Reproduction.

True, fat really gets in the way of pregnancy! According to a study conducted by the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, women who were heavily obese were 43% less likely to get pregnant than women who weight normally or women who were overweight but not obese. According to the study, obesity is seriously considered as an additional risk factor for infertility in women, even those who have regular menstrual cycles.

Obesity gets in the way with fertility

Wait! Define Obese!

How will you know if you are overweight or obese? Well, the measurement used is called BMI or Body Mass Index, and there are four classifications: underweight, normal weight, overweight, and obese.

Body Mass Index evaluates height and weight. It is very important to know that muscle mass is not a part of the equation.

How is BMI calculated? There are two ways to calculate BMI. One is by dividing a person’s weight (normally in kilograms) by his or her height (in meters, squared). Another way is by multiplying weight (in pounds) by 705, then dividing by height (in inches) twice or two times.

If you want a faster way, there are many online BMI calculators in the Internet.

What Now?

The message here is simple: if you are overweight but you desperately want to get pregnant, the best way to increase your chances of getting pregnant is by improving your fertility. How? Lose weight! This may sound a little harsh, yes, but it’s definitely worth trying.




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