100 Things I Am Thankful For!

100 Things I Am Thankful For

Yesterday I came across an article in a magazine that posed a challenge about counting our blessings. The author raised a Gratitude Challenge which entails writing a list of the100 things we are thankful for. I accepted the challenge, and here’s my list. I hope you, too, will do yours.

Trust me, when you’re done writing your 100, you will realize, as I did, that the list can actually go on and on and on …

100 Things I Am Thankful For!

  1. That I can write and that I can write well;
  2. That I can speak, and that I can speak in front of people with confidence;
  3. That I can dance, and I can dance well, even if I am overweight =) ;
  4. That I can sing, and I can sing well;
  5. That I can read, and my reading comprehension is good;
  6. That I can walk;
  7. That I can see, and I can see well enough to be able to appreciate beauty;
  8. That I am an optimist;
  9. That I can hear, and hear well;
  10. That I look okay – not beautiful, but not also ugly;
  11. I am grateful that we have a comfortable home;
  12.  That we have a small car that we can use;
  13. That I have computers which helps me in my work and in my hobbies;
  14. That I have mobile phones which makes communication possible;
  15.  That I have soft pillows which makes sleeping very restful;
  16. That I have blankets that keeps me warm on cold nights;
  17. That I have a bed that allows me to sleep soundly at night;
  18.  That we have a bathroom that allows me to take pleasurable showers;
  19.  I am grateful that I have work;
  20. I am grateful for inexpensive but still fashionable clothes;
  21. I am grateful for my hubby – he is a good father and a good husband;
  22. I am grateful for my children – Myco, Ella, April, Sarah, and Tonton – they help me grow and they give meaning to my life;
  23. I am grateful for my Father who has always been very supportive and helpful and I am grateful for my Mother who is my example for patience and love;
  24. I am grateful for my sisters Charry and Carla;
  25. I am grateful for my Niece Eda and her children Nate and Lucas; and for my nephew Nico;
  26. I am grateful for my Mother-in-Law who is my best example for hard work, humility, and patience. She has taught me what motherhood is all about;
  27. I am grateful for Sue – for her good influence;
  28. I am grateful for Maxi – for his exemplary leadership;
  29. I am grateful for my friends Joel and Chang;
  30. I am grateful for Merolyn;
  31. I am grateful for Papa Rody – for his good example of hard work;
  32. I am grateful for my Lolo Emon
  33. For my Lola Epang – I remember well her Chicken Fricassee
  34. For my Lolo Pedro
  35. For my Lola Ceferina
  36. For Ate Marites
  37. For Nat Nat – He will always be loved and remembered. I remember when he was still in his mom’s womb, my sister asked me what will be a good name for a baby boy, and I told her Nathaniel. Why Nathaniel? Because in the scriptures, in John 1:47, Jesus referred to Nathaniel as one without guile…
  38. For Tito Dots
  39. For Dave
  40. My friend Sister Fuentes – for her example;
  41.  For rainbows and its beauty and the promise it brings …
  42.  For trees – for cleaning the air, for the oxygen they provide, for the fruits they bear, for the shade they bring; keeping the soil in its place; for providing watershed; for the logs they provide; for being a raw material for paper making; and for many other things …
  43.  For rivers – for the water they bring which allows people to swim and fish and wash their laundry; for being a good alternative transportation route; and for adding beauty into a place …
  44.  For beaches – for being a great destination for families to rest, relax, enjoy, and make memories together …
  45.  For flowers – for the beauty they bring …
  46.  For rain that cools the environment and quenches the thirst of the plants, the animals, and the soil …
  47.  For the sun – its warmth; and its light; for drying my laundry; for helping nourish all the living things on this wonderful earth …
  48.  For brooks and streams;
  49. For bridges that connects lands and people;
  50. For hills and mountains;
  51. Today I am grateful that I was able to wake up healthy and happy;
  52. I am grateful that I was able to do my tasks;
  53. I am grateful that the sun was up the whole day;
  54. I am grateful that although I suffered from severe headache earlier in the day, it was gone not long after I took my medicine;
  55. I am grateful that I was able to do my groceries;
  56. I am grateful that Sue and I talked about work;
  57. I am grateful that I was able to read the scripture with my family;
  58. I am grateful that we enjoyed dinner together as a family;
  59. I am grateful that I came across this wonderful challenge and I’m working on this right now;
  60. I am grateful that we’re all at home; that my kids are safe; and that we’re getting ready to go to bed;
  61.  I am grateful for the home I am sharing with my family;
  62. I am grateful for my hometown – a beautiful place high in the mountains;
  63.  I am grateful for the Manila Temple where I was sealed to my husband and my children;
  64. I am grateful for the Cebu Temple because its nearer to us and its very accessible;
  65. I am grateful for my home in Malaybalay – the place where my parents raised me and the place I shared with my siblings;
  66. I am grateful for my Alma Mater – the school where I learned so much and where I also shared what I know to my students;
  67. I am grateful that I was able to visit Subic and saw there that motorist discipline as well as pedestrian discipline is possible;
  68. I am grateful that I was able to visit Bohol and got to meet kind and beautiful Dr Cora and her family;
  69. I am grateful for Vigan in Ilocos Sur and for the knowledge that my ancestors are from there;
  70. I am grateful for theSaltLakeTemple. I hope someday soon I can visit the place with my family;
  71. I am grateful for computers;
  72. I am grateful for mobile phones;
  73. I am grateful for refrigerators;
  74. I am grateful for washing machines;
  75. I am grateful for irons;
  76. I am grateful for motor vehicles;
  77. I am grateful for microwaves ovens;
  78. I am grateful for printers;
  79. I am grateful for airplanes;
  80. I am grateful for cooking ranges;
  81.  I am grateful for vegetables;
  82. I am grateful for all types of meat;
  83. I am grateful for fish;
  84. I am grateful for dairy products;
  85. I am grateful for ice cream;
  86. I am grateful for pizza;
  87. I am grateful for burgers and fries;
  88. I am grateful for pasta like spaghetti and carbonara;
  89. I am grateful for Fresh Lumpia;
  90. I am grateful for Cakes!
  91. I am grateful for the Plan of Happiness;
  92. I am grateful for prophets;
  93. I am grateful for the scriptures;
  94. I am grateful for Sabbath Days;
  95. I am grateful for Family Home Evenings;
  96. I am grateful for church callings;
  97. I am grateful for the priesthood that righteous men of the church hold which blesses the lives of families;
  98. I am grateful for church leaders who serve and help;
  99. I am grateful for temples and the ordinances performed therein;
  100. I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, for His atoning sacrifice, and His example.
Indeed there’s so much to be thankful for!

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