The Night Sendong Hit Cagayan de Oro City …

I could hear Dottie’s voice tremble as we were conversing over the phone. I’m sure it was pitch dark where they were, and she was telling me they’re on the rooftop of their neighbor’s house. It was raining and they had 3 small kids with them – Andre, Micki, and Ecko. Dottie said the floodwater was still rising … and she was asking me for help!

I was at that time standing at the veranda at the back of our house, looking down to where the deadly flood was ravaging homes and silencing cries of help. We would hear voices screaming and calling for help … We could hear the sirens of police cars and fire trucks in the distance … we could hear dogs howling and barking … Then there were calls of names … and of people calling out names …

It was too dark … and too cold … it was almost 2 am … and to think I was in my own home, safe … dry … unfortunately unable to do anything but hold on to my mobile phone that’s almost out of battery … hoping and praying that my friends – the Marcaida’s, the Pastrano’s, the Rama’s, the Bernido’s … and all our friends who live in the area are safe …

I called Dottie again, and she told me the Marcaida’s are okay … and that they are okay … at the moment. Then she asked me if I could send help … a raft or rubber boat or anything … I told her I will. I knew for a fact at that time that President Saavedra was already with Brother Lewman … and they were good, reliable men who will do anything … everything in their power and capacity to help. Romel, too, was on his way to the Barangay Hall with Myco… They were calling friends and church members … our Bishop … everyone they can think of.

A call came. Sue said President Maxi and Bro Lewman could not pass through the Taguanao route. Electric posts were down on the roads and it was not passable.

Romel came home with Myco. They could not do anything and were frustrated. No rescue was allowed at the moment. Rescuers were told to wait for the early morning light … the waters were too deep and it was just too dark and risky.

That was the longest wait …

Then early morning light came in. I called Dottie again. She said they’re okay … that help came … and they’re on their way to safety …

The Marcaida’s were rescued, too, and they’re all okay.

These pictures were taken only hours before the deadly flash flood …

The Pastrano Family – Goldy, Dottie, Dora, Ecko, Micki, and Andre


Joel’s Family were also victims of the flash flood, as well as the Bernido’s


Sister Go also lost her home …

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