Have You Been to Dahilayan?

Maybe you haven’t been to the place yet, so this is just for you. I’m not exactly an insider expert on everything about Dahilayan, but I just want to be of help to those who are planning to go there.

First of all, Dahilayan is actually an adventure park, something that the young and the young at heart will surely love. They offer their guests many thrilling adventure activities in a very beautiful and well-kept place.

So what’s there to see and do in Dahilayan?


First, there’s the Zip line, said to be the longest in Asia. If you’re adventurous and is not afraid of heights, then your visit to Dahilayan will never be complete without you flying like Superman above the Pine Trees of Dahilayan. It’ll cost you 500.00 pesos (per person) for the Zip line alone.

Here’s a link to a video on Dahilayan’s Zipline, courtesy of http://www.cagayandeoroinfo.com:

 Dahilayan Zipline: The Longest in Asia



You can also opt to add 100 pesos then you can get the Zipline Package where you get to ride the Superman  Zip line and the “Sitting” Zip (I’m not really sure what its called so I’ll give it a name – Sitting Zip-line hahaha!)!





Then there’s the Zorb or Zorbit; a very big transparent ball which can accommodate two persons inside. When this two adventure-loving people are securely fastened inside the Zorb ball, the ball is then allowed to roll freely on a slope.


No need to worry, it’s safe. There are ropes at the end of the steep slope that will catch the ball and hold it into place. It’ll cost you 100 pesos each person to ride this ball down the slope.



Kids will love the “zoo” inside Dahilayan’s Forest Park. But feeding the “animals” is strictly prohibited.



You can take pictures with all the “animals” though; just don’t ride on them or punch them. Why? You’ll know when you get there. One thing I can guarantee you, your pictures with the “animals” will look amazing …






Getting inside the Forest Park “Zoo” will cost you 50 pesos each person on weekdays and 100 pesos per person on weekends. Inside the Forest Park where the “zoo” is, the place is cool and clean, with plenty of picnic tables to choose from. The place is in a forest, so the air is fresh and chilly. The ground is covered with pine tree needles, making it nice to sit on.


The Playground

If you have kids, or you’re a kid at heart, you can enjoy the seesaw, the monkey bars, the swings … and a lot more in Dahilayan Forest Park’s  Playground.

Outside the Forest Park, you can go horse-back riding too for a minimal fee.

If you’re planning to go to Dahilayan, the only way to get there is if you have your own car or you rent a van or a jeep.

In Cagayan de Oro, there are vans that can be rented for 3,500 for 8 to 12 hours, with driver. Then you have to pay for the gas. The normal seating capacity for these vans is 10 adults.

You can also hire a jeep to take you to Dahilayan for a minimum amount of 1,500 (still negotiable). The jeepney can accommodate 21 passengers.

Travel time is dependent on the kind of car you have and the traffic condition of the road from Cagayan de Oro to Alae and then to Dahilayan. As of this writing, portions of the national highway along Alae are under construction which causes traffic congestion. This lengthens the travel time. But under normal circumstances, travel from Cagayan de Oro to Dahilayan will take an hour and a half to two hours.

Be there early, around 9 am so you can enjoy the sun and the good weather. Bring your drinking water too, your snacks, and your lunch! After lunch the weather turns to chilly and foggy, and at times the rains pour down. The place can be very cold when this happens. But if that’s what you’re after – watching the fogs come down from the heavens and the mountains, just be sure you have your jacket on and you brought your umbrella or your raincoat.


*** The same article can be read at http://www.cagayandeoroinfo.com … also by the same author/blogger ;D


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