Women’s Most Common Problem When Dining in Restaurants & Fast Food Chains

Woman with Bags

Are you a woman? If you are, then I have a question for you…

What’s the most common problem you experience when eating in a restaurant?

Well, if you’re like me and most of the women I know, you’ll most likely answer “where to put my bag while I’m eating!”

To most women (those who carry bags, that is …), this is really a problem; a huge inconvenience. Why? Well, try handling your spoon and fork with a bag over your shoulders! I can tell you with all honesty that it’s not easy and definitely not fun at all!

Okay, so what do women normally do in times like this? Well, in my case, I sometimes put my bag behind me on the chair. Sometimes I place my bag on the floor right in front of me (under the table). At times, when there’s a vacant chair beside me, I pull the chair closer to me and then I place my bag there. Sometimes my children would offer to hold my bag for me – but then it does not help much because my children also have their own bags.

And then one day I saw this! The answer to my problem! What a relief!


Is this not just amazing? Wow! Hopefully other restaurants will follow and do the same thing for the sake of customer convenience!


Image courtesy of inagerymajestic /FreeDigitalPhotos.net


2 thoughts on “Women’s Most Common Problem When Dining in Restaurants & Fast Food Chains

    • Hi Steph! Depende na pod tingali kung medyo dili careful and bag owner. But really, nice unta kong tanan restaurants or fast food chains mag butang og “bag holders” kay para comfortable ang customers while dining. It will be the customer’s lookout or responsibility na dayon ang pag ensure nga safe ilang bags under the table.

      Thanks for your comment and more power to you! =)

      Ma’am Tina ♥

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