10 Ways to Teach Values in the Home*

Eda and Lucas

The home is the best place for children to learn good values. Values guide our behavior and help us make decisions between right and wrong. Our sense of values determines the way we spend our time and money. Priorities in life are based on what we value.

Parents teach children their values by what they say and how they act. Therefore, parents should agree on what values are important. Certain values, such as honesty, courtesy, and service, should be part of every family’s values. Children who learn and follow moral values are more likely to make wise decisions when they are older. Teach your children that decisions they make while they are young affect the rest of their lives.

Parents who do not teach their children correct values deprive them of solid basis for approaching life. Gordon B. Hinckley said, “The home is the seed bed of all true virtue. If proper values are not taught in the home, they are not likely to be taught at all.”


The following ten suggestions can help us teach our children proper values in our own homes:

  1. Give Our Children Responsibilities in the Home
  1. Help Our Children Set Goals
  1. Teach by Example
  1. Study Our Family History
  1. Serve with Our Family
  1. Establish Family Traditions
  1. Monitor the Media
  1. Look for Teaching Opportunities
  1. Decide Which Values Are Non-negotiable
  1. Allow Children to Participate in Family Decisions
  • The power to choose is one of the greatest gifts God has given humanity. Children who are allowed to share in family decisions will be more willing to obey family rules.
  • Allow children to make decisions that are appropriate for their ages and responsibility levels. This provides them freedom but does not sacrifice family values.
  • Explain to children the reasons for having family rules and the values attached to those.

The following can be done as a family:

  • Set a curfew.
  • Establish rules about inviting friends to the house.
  • Plan activities and vacations.
  • Divide and assign household chores.

* From a Pamphlet of the same title by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


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