Will Fat In Food Really Make You Fat?

It depends!

If your diet is laden with saturated fat, YES! And you can be sure in no time your clothes will no longer fit and you’ll be more prone to diseases and/or illnesses.

If your food is healthy, and you are careful with the kind of fat you include in your diet AND the also mindful of the fat content of your diet (less is more/less is better), then the answer is no, you’ll not end up fat and ugly.

It is therefore very important that you are careful with your diet and you choose the “healthy” fats – those fats that are essential for good health. The healthy fats include unsaturated fats found in foods like salmon (Omega 3), nuts, and even olive oil. These fats are key components in a healthy diet, and they have important roles to play to keep the body function effectively and efficiently.









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