Want to Know How to Make Your Man Say Yes?

You’re reading this, so you’re interested! Indeed this is very interesting, especially for women.

According to Gabrielle Lichterman, founder of the Hormonology blog and co-author of 28 Days, just like women, men also have “hormone days” – those unique days when we either bounce around with so much energy or feel and do exactly the opposite – do as little as possible. The key, according to her, is to know when the “right” time is, so as to take full advantage of it.

Now here are some of her tips:

Tip #1 If you want your man to help you move things, negotiate, or fix something, ask him for help between 9-12 a.m. Why is this the best time? Because it is during this time of the day when he is just bursting with testosterone and this surge in hormones actually makes him feel like Superman: ambitious, determined, and full of energy!

Tip #2 If you want him to say yes to your plans, talk to him between 3-4 p.m.

This is because during this time of the day, his testosterone levels is super low which makes him mellow, open, and willing to pretty much anything you throw on the table.

Tip #3 If you want to talk to him about sensitive matters, bring the topic up at around 8 to 10 pm. Why is this time ideal? It is because this time each evening, the hormone called oxytocin, also called “cuddle hormone,” is aplenty in his bloodstream. This hormone is known for its bond-inducing effects.

In a nutshell … know your man, and get what you want!  Not bad at all!

Image courtesy of photostock /FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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