Do You Want to Lose Weight? Get Enough Sleep!

To some people, this advice may sound weird. Some may ask “where’s the connection?” “What does sleep have to do with losing weight?”

Well, many of us may not realize it, but there is a big connection between getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy weight.

What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Here’s one very important fact: Sleep loss increases hunger and affects the body’s metabolism, which in turn makes it more difficult to maintain or lose weight.

Loss or inadequate sleep does two things:

One, it makes you feel hungry even if you are, in reality, already full. Sleep loss has been shown to affect the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite. As a result, individuals who lose sleep may continue to feel hungry despite adequate food intake.

Two, it increases fat storage. Sleep loss interferes with the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates, which leads to high levels of blood sugar. Excess blood sugar promotes the overproduction of insulin, which can lead to the storage of body fat.

So if you want to maintain a healthy wait, or if you want to lose weight effectively, get enough sleep!


Photo Credit:  Danilo Rizzuti



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