Cleaning with Salt!

Here are very helpful cleaning tips for homemakers … using SALT!

Wok can be cleaned by scrubbing it with the use of a small amount of salt dampened with cooking oil and placed on a paper towel.

It also removes perspiration stains in clothing, most especially on men’s collar. Just pre-soak the garment in water mixed with salt. Wash the usual way.

Ovens can be very messy after oven spills. To clean, sprinkle the mess with salt and then wipe with a damp cloth.

Bloodstains can also be removed effectively by soaking the clothing in cold saltwater overnight. The following day, wash as usual.

Coffee stains can also be very troublesome. Remove fresh coffee stains by soaking the affected area with cold salt water.

Boiling saltwater can also be used to help keep our drains flowing.


Photo credit: Carlos Porto     Stuart Miles


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