In the Eyes of a Child …

Iam (read as Ai-yam) is just five years old. The second and youngest son of our dear friends Joel and Charisse, this young boy continues to amaze us with his charming and sweet ways. Every time he sees me and my husband, he would always shout my name – “Mommy Tina”, and he would run towards us to take our hands for the Filipino tradition of “mano po”, a gesture showing respect to the elders. This he would do anytime, anywhere, with practically anybody.

A story was shared by Iam’s Mom about a particular event that made me appreciate gospel teaching by example and the faith of a young child.

One day, Iam’s uncle Paul got sick. Paul asked Joel, Iam’s Dad, for a priesthood blessing. Joel got his vial containing the oil and asked Paul to sit in one of the low chairs in the living room. During this time, Charisse and her two sons Ghy and Iam were also in the living room. Paul sat himself and waited for Joel. Normally, Iam would sit on Paul’s lap and start a chat with him. On this occasion however, knowing that Paul was not feeling well, Iam sat quietly and watched as his Dad went about preparing himself to administer the requested priesthood blessing. It was unusually silent for all of them.

Ready to give the priesthood blessing, Joel glanced at his family and smiled. Together, they all closed their eyes for the prayer.

Joel administered the oil on Paul’s head. With his hand on Paul’s head and his eyes closed, Joel started to say his prayer. Suddenly, he felt something warm in his hand. Slowly, two tiny little hands were laid on top of his’. He smiled and continued with the prayer.

With the priesthood blessing administered and the prayer ended, Joel opened his eyes to meet Iam’s innocent smile. The little boy felt proud and happy. Iam, in his excited voice explained how he wanted to help. Then, in his sweet voice he said: “you needed someone to help you Dad, so I did.

Teaching by example, teaching it at home, is still the best way to teach gospel principles. Iam and his Kuya Ghy saw their Dad exercise his priesthood authority in their home. They were recipients of priesthood blessings when they were sick or when they needed comforting or a father’s blessing. They saw their Dad give priesthood blessings to their Mom. They were taught during Family Home Evenings about the gift of healing by the laying on of hands.

I’m sure that as long as Iam will stay close to the church, and with the constant care and guidance of two wonderful goodly parents, this sweet little boy will one day grow up to be a great man – a responsible priesthood holder, one who will not only bless the lives of his immediate family, but will definitely bless those who will have the opportunity to know him and be associated with him.


One thought on “In the Eyes of a Child …

  1. i’ve read the article before but it just touches my heart every time i read it and knowing how amazing children can be if parents have taught them well… thanks for posting Mommy Tina. God bless you and your family. 🙂

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