Why Do Long Forgotten Memories of Past Hurts Come Back?

Have you ever asked why long forgotten memories of past hurts come back?

I have, because just very recently, they all came back – memories of people (of old “friends”) and words and actions by these “friends” that hurt me way, way before.

I have long forgotten them, and what was said, and the hurt I felt.

So now I am asking myself these questions: “Why?” and “Why now?”

Could it be because our loving Father in Heaven wants us to be at peace with others as well as with ourselves?

Maybe this is part of a bigger plan. I believe these memories, feelings, and people, came back in order for me to make amends – if ever I was the one who wronged them.  I also believe that this is God sent – the chance to finally forgive them who wronged me… So I can finally live in peace … no extra baggage of resentment and hatred, and of guilt.

For the chance to say I am sorry; and for the chance to finally say I have forgiven them, I am grateful.



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