What Every Woman Should Know About Stretch Marks!

Have you ever wondered why pregnant women and those who just gave birth develop stretch marks?

Here’s one more thing: have you ever heard someone tell a pregnant woman not to scratch her tummy to avoid developing stretch marks? Is there truth to this?

The Real Cause of Stretch Marks

According to WebMD, stretch mark happens because the skin has stretched beyond the normal. This can be caused by three things: pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, and weight lifting. Stretch marks are also attributed to genetic factors which causes defects in connective tissues. So if your mother had them, chances are higher that you’ll also have stretch marks. So if you’re wondering what can be done to avoid stretch marks, read on.

Tips To Avoid Stretch Marks

Avoid rapid weight gain or loss, or if you can help it, maintain a healthy weight.

If you’re pregnant, which means that there’s no escaping the weight gain and the stretching of the skin, moisturize. This also applies if you are working out to lose weight. Moisturizing is crucial because with sufficient hydration, of course with the right moisturizer, the skin becomes suppler, more flexible and better able to stretch. To get maximum effect, moisturize three or four times a day. Best moisturizing products include those that contain cocoa butter or shea butter.

Now if you are someone who is still young but plans to get pregnant when you get married, developing a lifestyle that includes regular exercise can help very much in keeping your skin flexible and in perfect condition. A healthy diet loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables will also help keep your skin healthy and strong.

Follow all these tips and you’ll have nothing to worry about.









Photo credits: Stuart Miles




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