My Absurdly Short Pixie Hair!

(I wrote this when I was still teaching at XU CIT a few years ago … )

My Absurdly Short Pixie Hair!

Me and my pixie hair

I still remember way back three months ago how I felt thinking about having to face my students and doing lectures on Human Resource Development, Work Ethics, Industrial Management, and English – with my absurdly very very short pixie hair. I agonized for a long time, was even at the verge of considering dropping my teaching load. But I had to face the fact that whether I felt okay with how I looked then or not, I had to attend to my obligations.

So on that one fateful day, mind you t’was exceedingly nerve racking … I had to walk thru the back gates of XU, wearing a scarf over my head, only to be greeted by the guard with the statement: “Oy, ang Princessa sa Maguindanao niabot!” … and then maybe realizing it was not a welcome remark, he apologetically smiled.

So I climbed the stairs of the building, hoping to meet as few students as possible (it was 7:30 in the morning and I was going to meet a class I substituted for a month). My heart pounded mercilessly, with questions running thru my mind like “what if they will notice and laugh?” …

And so I entered the classroom, and they were all there, all more than 50 students. They looked at me wondering about the head cover I was wearing.

And so I told them about my hair.

That same scenario was repeated five times within the next two days , since I handled five subjects last semester.

Much to my delight, they were all very encouraging, optimistic, and supportive. They looked at me weirdly at first, surprised, but they got over it fast. Slowly, encouraging words were said one after another … words that somehow made me feel okay. I felt blessed 😀

That same support was generously given by my co-faculty members. I now remember very fondly how Ms Lucille, Ms Olive, Ms Jolly, and Ms Mabel all encouraged me to smile and walk tall; that it was just my hair – and I’m still me ;D It was, I think, Ms Lucille who said “It’ll all grow back, so don’t worry very much!”

And Engr Li was equally very helpful. He said, and I remember very well how he said it: “Why don’t you make it a fashion statement?”

I felt blessed to be with such great people! For that, my undying appreciation to all of you!

And now as I look back and reflect on the things I am grateful for … I remember them.

That is one thing I will always be grateful for – having associated with all my students for five months. Having had the privilege of teaching them, laughing with them, learning with them – My HRD Class, my Work Ethics Class, my English Class, my Industrial Management Class, and all the other students who were under me before …even those I just met in the Faculty rooms or in the engagements I’ve had within the organization …

I will surely miss them, as much as I will miss teaching.

Thank you again to all of you! =) T’was an honor and a privilege to be part of your learning experience

God bless you in all your future endeavors!



3 thoughts on “My Absurdly Short Pixie Hair!”

  1. You remained the same sweet, charming Maam Tina, short or longer hair…. I hope someday we’ll be working together again…I miss you Maam Tin.

  2. My dear Ms Tina, love your post. Yes it is only hair. But we remain as we are. That’s why people see us more for what we are than we do. Hence their adjectives of who you are, are very revealing of who you are to them— short or long hair. Wonderful!!! I will repost it in FB. You indeed have the gift of the pen. (what is similar to the “gift of gab”? Thank you for inviting me to read this peace. The Lord indeed is glorified in all your endeavors.

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