I’m Blessed Because I Have You ♥♥♥

Who would have thought

We’d end up together?

You were shy

and I was not

We were the exact opposite

You were different

But I liked you

And you felt the same way towards me

and that was enough.

And now

years and years after …

here we are


still working on


our kids

our dreams

our goals

looking in the same direction

holding on to each other


and praying

for the same things

that matters most in our lives…

Now as i look at you

and see the marks of age and wisdom

i often ask myself

what life could have been

without you?

So i say a prayer

of gratitude to God

for I would not want life any other way…

only with you.

Life’s troubles and problems

came into our door

lingered and stayed

long enough to teach us

life’s lessons

and what matters most.

And so i thank

Heavenly Father

Because He gave me you …

to have and to hold

to dream with

to lean on

to look up to

to fight, to cry, and to laugh with.

What we have

and what we don’t

doesn’t make who we are

or what we are.

Love matters most

and you

and our children,

us …


hopefully …


i love you Mel

Always did, always will

Forever ♥


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