Bloated Feeling After Eating Left-Over and Re-Heated Pasta?

Have you experienced feeling “unwell” after eating re-heated left-over pasta, rice, or even potato? Have you felt heavy and bloated after eating last night’s spaghetti or baked macaroni or lasagna? There is an explanation for that.

Surprisingly, not very many people are aware that stomach bloat can be caused not only by fluctuating hormones but also by eating reheated food such as pasta, potatoes, and rice.

This is true! For instance, if, after eating pasta, potatoes, or rice  in a restaurant or a fast food chain you felt very heavy in the stomach (too heavy for comfort), then the cause is more likely those reheated food I just mentioned.

What’s the explanation behind the “bloated feeling”?

The process of reheating actually changes the molecular structure of the pasta, potatoes, or rice, turning it into a “resistant starch.” For many people who still do not know this, resistant starch can not be digested in the small intestine, that’s why it passes into the large intestine. The bacteria that help break down the resistant starch produces gas, and this is the reason for the bloated feeling.

To avoid this from happening, it’s better to eat only freshly prepared food.



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