Why Do You Love Christmas?

We all love Christmas! But why? For what reason?

Some love Christmas so much that the moment the “ber” months come, they begin to count down the days …

Many love Christmas because of the merry-making that comes with its celebration;

It’s also the time when Christmas bonuses are given;

Stores offer huge discounts on Christmas to entice people to shop;

Surprisingly, another reason why people love Christmas is because the season brings out the best in all of us… Have you thought about this lately?

Isn’t it true that people (including you and me) are more generous on Christmas time? Most of us, when the “ber” months come, begin to think about what gifts to give … and of course, because we will always have that child in us, undeniably we also think about what gifts we will receive from our love ones (as adults, kung meron, good! If wala, okay pa rin, we understand).

With the Christmas season approaching, we think about our families and friends, and even our enemies – fondly and kindly. This is primarily the reason why Christmas has always been, and will always be, the best time to bond together as families and friends;

Christmas is the season when most of what we see and feel are the good, the nice, and the beautiful …in things, in places, in our circumstances, and most importantly, in people;

Why is this so?

The answer is simple: because Christmas brings in itself a wonderful spirit. Think about the word CHRISTMAS …

To know the spirit that it brings, just drop the last syllable of the word Christmas, and you’ll get Christ.

Yes, Christmas is all about Christ Jesus! For after all, it’s His birthday we celebrate on this wonderful day we call Christmas!

If only we can make everyday a Christmas Day … the world would be a better place for all of us …

Merry Christmas everyone!




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