Are You Breezing Through Life In A Hurry?

Tomorrow’s Sunday again? That fast?

Yes, days are faster now, and one thing’s for sure, for all we know, in a matter of months, it’s going to be summer again. It feels more like life is in fast forward …

Well, some people are just in a hurry. I’m reading now of people planning already for their summer vacation next year. Yesterday, my daughter and I were in a big store and the place was already filled with Christmas decorations! My daughter, seeing everything, made a comment I will never forget. She said: “grabe pod! Wala pa gani Halloween!” (How should I state this in English? lol) (How can that be? Halloween’s not even here yet!)

Well, Filipinos don’t really celebrate Halloween, so most people go directly to the next best celebration, and that’s Christmas. And that does not end there. Have you noticed that as early as January, right after the three kings (January 6), immediately after the Christmas decorations are removed from Malls and big stores, what comes up next are the big hearts and cupids? As early as January, Valentines is already celebrated.

So what then? Some of you may be saying there’s really nothing wrong about all these. My response would be yes! There’s nothing wrong with celebrations and getting excited about them. However, in all these hullabaloos, a lot of people take for granted one very crucial aspect of living: forgetting to live for the moment! A lot of people sleep, work, eat, and function – for the tomorrow, forgetting or missing what is happening today. It is so much similar to “seeing the forest but not the trees”.  

This is sad, because I believe this neglect is unintentional – perhaps people are just eaten up by so much concerns they cease to live the moment. Let me ask this question: when was the last time you paused and actually looked closely at your special someone, your spouse or partner, and noticed perchance his or her graying hair? When was the last time you asked your youngest child (regardless of his or her age) to sit close to you or hug you or even sit on your lap? When was the last time you held your daughter and told her how much she means to you, or how much her happiness and safety means to you?

Think about these things and ask yourselves if you’re still here, enjoying the moment, and not in the so-distant-future you’re not even sure will come …

What is most important to you? Who are most important to you?

Maybe its time to stop whatever it is you’re doing right now, and look around, and if someone’s with you, look closely and see with new eyes … look at that person and allow yourself to see something you’ve never seen before.  Maybe you can just say a word or two, or give that person a hug … something that will make a difference.

Live the moment … live the “now”! This is what’s most important, because everything you and I do today, in reality, determines our tomorrow!







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