Do You Know What Kills Love?

One of the surest ways to “kill” a relationship is by not talking to each other. This is according to medical experts who deal with medical conditions that stems from intimacy problems in married couples.

Talking in this context is not ordinary talking per se, such as discussions on what to eat, where to eat, or casual discussions about children, travel plans, the weather, the new neighbor next door, or the dogs. The talking being referred to here by medical experts are intimate discussions between spouses on their individual needs, wants, and concerns – be it physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is especially important as couples mature in age because this is the time when physical challenges happen, which can have an effect of the relationship between the spouses.

So save your relationship by keeping the lines of communications open. Talk about the most important things that matters to you – each other. Talk about your most intimate concerns as a couple and as individuals. I remember a counsel from someone on marriage: be your spouse’s best friend. I know this to be true: If you are your spouse’s best friend, talking about your intimate needs, wants and concerns should not be a problem at all.

Always remember that marriage and love is just like a plant; it needs to be nourished and nurtured in order to grow and bloom!


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