Do You Know that Store Clerks Get Fired Because of Tips People Give?

Do you know that many business establishments have very strict policies regarding tips? For instance, one store policy is that tips given to employees by customers should be surrendered and given to a sort-of-like general fund. Do you also know that if the store clerks keep the tips to themselves, they will be fired? If you don’t know this, then you should read on.

I just came to know about this when I heard of a story about an employee who was terminated from work because he kept to himself the tip that was given to him by a customer. So why was he fired? I’m sure you’re asking. Well, for the simple reason that it was company policy that all tips should be surrendered to the common fund. Now, what happens to this common fund, I know not. But let me say this: why should those who don’t deserve it be given a share?

I find this very disturbing!

I am pretty sure customers give tips to establishment employees like waiters in restaurants, bell-boys in hotels, masseurs in spa’s, even baggers in grocery stores because they appreciate the help they get. Of course it is the duty of all employees to help every customer, but that’s beside the point. I have been assisted by a lot of these employees, but I don’t give tips to all of them, especially those who are impolite and are obviously just doing their obligation as workers of the establishment. These types of employees don’t smile, they show you that tasks are difficult, and they do things sloppily. There are, however, employees who are smiling and cheerful and respectful, who go beyond their normal duty to be polite and really extra helpful. To these employees I don’t mind giving generous tips at all. I strongly feel they deserve every centavo of it.

Going back to the employee who was fired, he was asked why he kept the money even though he knew about the policy. His reply made me cry: he did not have money for “pamasahe pauwi that night”. You see, it was the end of the month, and the money can save him from a long walk home.

I understand he begged for reconsideration – but to no avail. He was told policy was policy; end of discussion. I wonder how he felt during the whole day. The incident happened just before noon that day. Not only will he be walking the long way home, he will have to walk again tomorrow, and most likely the day after that, to look for another job … another job in another establishment with the same policy.

So I wonder: is there logic behind the company policy of taking all those tips and putting them in general fund? Maybe someone can explain this to me …




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