Cholesterol: Do You Know Enough About It?

Getting a Cholesterol Check Up
I’ve never really given much thought about cholesterol; besides, I know very little about it. My “concern” has always been on sugar, or diabetes, because it runs in the family. So if you say cholesterol, I know it’s about fat and all, but that’s just about everything I know about it; except of course that it’s not good and it’s not healthy, and that it causes diseases of some sort.

But that was until I was given the chance to have my cholesterol checked last Saturday, and mind you – for free – during the Family Week Celebration in our church.

Cholesterol check up
Last Saturday, immediately following the community service projects in various areas within the area of the Cagayan de Oro Philippines Stake, men and women ages 35 years old and above were treated to a free cholesterol check up, thanks to a very generous benefactor.

We all lined up to have our BPs checked, and then to the dreaded “pricking” station for the cholesterol check. The guy who was in charge cleaned the tip of my middle finger with alcohol-soaked cotton swab, and proceeded to prick. He then squeezed my finger to let the blood drop into a white strip of something which he then inserted into the reader. After a few minutes he said: “Ma’am, your cholesterol read is 182”. Then I left the table to give someone else his chance to be pricked!

You might be wondering at this point what 180 means? Okay, so our doctor friend told all of us (those who went through the cholesterol checking process) that those who got cholesterol levels of 150 to 200 needs to adopt certain lifestyle chances; those who got 200 above, she said, needs to see her in her clinic for a prescription. All of us laughed, but I sensed that some had worried looks on their faces.

I’m glad I got 182; my hubby got 180. This means were still okay. One friend got 237, and another one got almost 300.

In a nutshell, I know that as people get older, some things in the system of the body begins to malfunction, or not work as efficiently anymore. This requires certain lifestyle modifications that will mitigate whatever ill effect the malfunction of the systems does to the body. What those changes are? We’ll talk about it in another post.

How about you? Have you had your cholesterol checked lately?








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