Cagayan de Oro Philippines Stake Celebrates National Family Week

Cagayan de Oro Philippines Stake Family Week Celebration
Cagayan de Oro Philippines Stake


On Saturday, September 24, the day started very early for the saints of the Cagayan de Oro Philippines Stake. At exactly 6 o’clock in the morning, members of the five wards and 1 branch, wearing their yellow “Helping Hands” vests, went to their respective community service project assignments to open the Family Day Celebration, in observance of the National Family Week.

Members of the Cagayan de Oro 1st Ward went to Camaman-an Elementary School and cleaned part of the campus of the public elementary school;

Members from Cagayan de Oro 1st Ward


Bishop Sacay of Cagayan de Oro 1st Ward
Children were involved to teach them early about service

Primary children were involved in the community service project. This is done so that at their young age, they will know and appreciate serving others.

The youth too, were involved

The youth, too, were given tasks. They helped sweep and carry garbage plastics to collect garbage all over the campus.

Would-Be Moms also lent a hand

Even pregnant women helped; they swept and they cleaned.

Those that belong to Cagayan de Oro 2nd Ward cleaned the city streets within the vicinity of the Stake Center; Carmen Ward saints cleaned classrooms and lawns in the West City Central School; Kauswagan Ward members cleaned the areas surrounding the Kauswagan Chapel; Macanahan Ward rendered service at the DSWD Children’s Center; and the Canitoan Branch cleaned 2 elementary school campuses.

Following the community service projects, at exactly 1:30 in the afternoon, members and guests flocked to the Stake Center to attend workshops on the following:

For adults – Entrepreneurship and Online Jobs;

For the youth – How to Study Effectively and Career Planning; and

For the Primary – Art and Health

Barangay 29 Chairman Bonete as Guest of Honor

Barangay Chairman Bonete of Barangay 29 was the Special Guest of the Opening Program. He expressed appreciation for the invitation and he said he and the other barangay officials will look forward to next years’ Family Week Celebration. In his talk he commended the members of the church and the Church by saying that the Stake Center is the most peaceful place in the whole of Barangay 29. This is remarkable considering that the Stake Center is situated in the heart of the City, in a busy commercial district near the Cogon Market.

Family Day

In attendance were members of the Barangay Council, the Barangay Secretary, and representatives from a women’s organization of the barangay. Two representatives from Philhealth also attended the program and gave a short orientation on Philhealth services.

Smart Communications also joined in the celebration and was represented by Peter Ballados and his Staff.  Smart Communications gave away Pampamilya Sim Packs for those who attended the Entrepreneurship Workshops as a way of helping the Pamilyang Filipino save money through their Tipid Programs.

Surprise Gift from Smart Communications Philippines for the Pamilyang Filipino

Brother Peter Ballados, a member of the Cagayan de Oro 1stWard works for Smart Communications in Cagayan de Oro City. He was the first speaker for the Entrepreneurship Workshop.

Peter Ballados on the Art and Science of Selling & Entrepreneurship


He was then followed by Sister Maria Christina Concepcion, MBA, an accredited enterprise development consultant and owner of MCIC Consulting.

Sister Dorothy Jane Pastrano-Ibuyan, a freelance Online Consultant then shared her knowledge on Online Job opportunities.

The trainers for the youth workshops were Bro. Quivido Origenes, a professor from Xavier University; and Bro. Manzano of CDO PIR.

Bro. Quivido teaching the youth about effective study habits


Urban Gardening was handled by Bishop Michael Ortega of Kauswagan Ward; while Disaster Preparedness was handled by members of the Cagayan de Oro 2nd Ward.

Urban Gardening by Bishop Michael Ortega of Kauswagan Ward


For the children ...


On the Art & Health Workshops for the Primary, Sister Merolyn Gamaya, RN, Stake Primary President, together with her Auxiliary leaders, facilitated the event.

Children doing Art Work!

The children had a great time doing art works and also listening to speakers talk about good health like how to brush the teeth properly.

Children were also taught how to properly brush their teeth!


The children listened attentively …

They listened and participated in the activities...

Following the workshops, exhibits on Urban Gardening, Healthy Cooking (courtesy of Del Monte Kitchenomics), and Disaster Preparedness and the 72-Hour Kit were opened to the participants.

Food and Cooking Exhibits


The children also had so much fun; they had Ice Cream and Cotton Candy – it really felt like a festival for kids!

Cotton Candy please ...

They had Ice Cream too!

♥ Iam Marcaida ♥

Moms and Dads also had free taste of Seaweed Salad from Sister Jen Ancog

Seaweed Salad (Dessert) ... Yummy!

Health services such as cholesterol screening and BP reading were also made available for the members and the guests of the affair. Dr. Sue Saavedra then met with those who got cholesterol levels above the normal and discussed with them intervention measures to arrest further worsening of their health conditions.

FREE Blood Pressure Reading and Cholesterol Screening


FREE BP Reading and Cholesterol Screening


Bishop Daplin of Macanhan Ward


The Family Day celebration ended with a closing program. Ward representatives presented special numbers.

Labador Family rendered a special number

They sang "Isang Piraso ng Langit"

Carmen Ward Primary

The highlight of the program, which surprised everyone present, was by a special rendition of a song by the stake president himself who sang “God Gave Me You” to his 2 children and his wife. While singing he was surrounded by primary children and it was an awesome sight for everyone.

President Maxi Saavedra of the Cagayan de Oro Philippines Stake calling his son Josh to join him


President Saavedra with his son Josh and daughter Ashley (wearing the gray headband) and the primary children of the Stake


The whole day activity finally came to a close at exactly 7 in the evening. Members cleaned the chapel to prepare it for the Sunday services the following day.


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