A Letter to Myself 30 Years Ago …

One lazy afternoon, as I was thinking about what to write (it was one of those days when there wasn’t anything that interested me at all …), my daughter came up to me and shared a very interesting idea she came across while she was browsing the net. It was about someone’s blog and what the author did. My daughter said I could do what that author did (but to make sure that I credit the blogger) and she assured me it would be very exciting.

So here goes that idea, in action! And credit goes to … Girl on the Contrary!

I am now in my late 40’s … (I would have wanted to keep that information to myself but then I changed my mind – it’s not important anyways!) I have been married for 30 years . I have five children . I think I did well … doing well still … and hopefully will do well in the future. But let’s say … what if time travel is possible? You know how things are today compared to things 10 years ago. Today, everything is possible. Like if it can be imagined, it can be done! For instance, 10 years ago, did any of us even think about the Internet? Wifi? Or mobile internet access? How about Xbox? Watching movies using iPad? iPhone? How about going to the moon as a tourist? A lot of things have changed over the years.

So going back to what I had in mind, let’s just say … what if I can write back to myself, say, to the time when I was still in high school? What will I say to my younger self?

It took me a while to think about the specific things I would like to tell my younger self … the ones that are very important and critical. I do not want to write a very long letter (as I will surely bore my old self), I want something relevant and really helpful.

Okay, so here goes my letter to my younger self in high school.

Dear Maricris (FYI: most of your friends now call you Tina),

Hey, it’s me! No, don’t be surprised! I’m you 27 years older! Want proof? I’ll attach pictures here as proof, but don’t panic, okay? Because you will never believe how I look now! I am not also sure if you will like the older you better than the you now, in your present time. But if you ask me, I like “me” a lot better now, except for some “extra baggage” I have (you’ll soon find out what this means).

You might be curious why, so let me tell you that I look way way different from you. Let’s just say I’m heavier (or bigger) as I now weigh 2 times more than your current weight (you’re around 98 pounds now and your waistline is 22). But let me tell you one thing: I think I’m a lot prettier now than I was at your age hahaha!With all these in mind, let me give you an advice:


STAY AWAY FROM COKE! Never, ever, ever, start drinking Coke! Stay away from it, and stay away from any soft drinks! Drink water, water, water. Water only. Got that? You’re wearing a size 22 jeans, right? Let me tell you, my waistline is more or less 17 inches bigger now! I think you would not want that, so you better take heed!

Here’s one thing that I know will help you stay fit. You dance a lot, so here’s my advice: keep dancing! That will help you stay fit! And maybe you’ll grow a few more inches (I’m not sure if that’s already available in your present time but today, we have something called Chlorella Growth factor and it helps someone grow taller!) …

You sing a lot! My advice – continue singing! Try to look for a good singing coach; who knows you might end up winning all those contests you’ll be joining as you grow older! Given the chance, I think you can even become a professional singer and end up like Leah Salonga (she’s so successful now; has won a Tony for playing the lead role in Miss Saigon; is the voice behind characters in major Disney movies; and was a judge in the 2011 Ms Universe beauty pageant).  Anyways, never stop singing. I was exaggerating a bit when I said you can end up like Lea … Continue to sing because it’ll help make you feel happier … plus singing will keep you feeling and looking young.

Hey! You’ll have five amazing children by the time you reach my age, 4 girls and a boy. Two of them, both girls, are now professionals and are working. The third, also a girl, is in college taking up Psychology. The 4th, also a girl, is a Culinary graduate and will soon become a Chef. Your youngest and your only son is in high school. And let me tell you, they’re all very talented in their own special ways. They all sing, too! So continue singing so that you’ll be in the best position to train and teach them, as well as enjoy singing with them always!

Here’s another advice: spend time with your sisters. It’s one thing I will forever regret … not having spent time with Chary and Carla. Be their best friend. Be a good Ate. Be there for them because they need you. Love them and be there for them.

Og ayaw pag tubag tubag kay Mama og Papa … Bad na! I never knew that when I was your age … but now I know better.

Lastly, let me tell you one secret. When you reach 4th year, you’ll get to know a good young man. He might not win the Mr. Congeniality contest because he prefers to keep to himself, but let me tell you he will play a very important part of your life: you’re gonna marry him, and he will be the Dad of all your five children! And oh by the way, he’s going to be your classmate in your 4th year, so behave and put forth your best self always!




And one last thing, it’s Ate Maritess and Dave … tell them how much you love them, and that you would want to grow very very old with them together. Tell them that you will always be there for them, for anything. Anything! And tell them immediately; and tell them always!

So this is all for now, maybe I’ll write again soon! And hey! Remember what I said about staying away from COKE!

Lots of love,

Tina, Your Older Self



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