Transport Strike in Cagayan de Oro City …

Where are the other supporters of the Transport Strike?

A transport strike was declared today not only in Cagayan de Oro but in most major cities of the country. I had reservations though, on whether the organizers will accomplish their goal based on past experiences with transport strikes. Why did I say this? My reason is simple: in the past, same actions were taken, and sadly, the oil prices still continued to rise; fare rates still went up; salary increases, if any, were hardly felt, etc. Things remained as they are … and the common “tao” is still wanting of so many things.

And so early this morning, while most members of my family were preparing to go to school and work, I turned on the TV for an update on the situation of the city. We have been asking whether the schools will declare “no classes”; but we’re pretty sure there will be work in both public and private offices. According to the news, the government has provided buses for people to ride on for free so they can go to their destinations. I wanted to see for myself …

So off we went round about the city to observe.

And we saw these …


Buses prepared by the City Government - Libreng Sakay for everyone!


Free bus ride during the transport strike!


Would you take a ride with them?


There were only about 7 to 10 protesters in the middle of the road in this area ...


The protesters ...


It did not look like there was a transport strike ...



2 thoughts on “Transport Strike in Cagayan de Oro City …

  1. dito po sa amin sa davao.. kanina mga hapon pagpunta namin insti.. mejo parang wla namang pinagkaiba.. may mga jeep parin. pero parang nag party ang mga private na sasakyan.. andami sa kalsada 😀

    • Salamat sa comment Val! Kanina, naawa ako don sa mga nag strike … as in iilan lang talaga sila in the middle of the roads. Of course its understandable din that a lot of drivers refused to join kasi nga malaki din ang mawawala if hindi sila magtatrabaho the whole day…

      Thanks again!

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