Angry When Hungry? What Could Be The Cause?

Anger Controlls Him
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The reason is simple: this is because your serotonin level is low or very low.

This is according to a study conducted by Britain’s Cambridge University and published in the journal called Biological Psychiatry. The study was designed to find out whether a person’s serotonin level has a direct relationship with a person’s response to aggression.

The result of the study showed that when a person’s serotonin level is high, he is better able to control his emotions such as anger and hostility. Thus it follows that low level of serotonin negatively affects a person’s ability to control his emotions, particularly that of anger or hostility.

Now you might be asking what’s the role of hunger in all this? Well, here’s how it goes: when a person eats, his serotonin level is high. When he does not eat, his serotonin level is very low. Again according to the study, when the serotonin level is very low, a person is easily agitated, is hostile, and is more likely to get angry.

So the lesson here is very simple: eat regularly so that you can deal and respond properly to the challenges of life.  People with a full stomach are more able to control emotions especially that of anger.

Of course it follows that the food should be healthy; otherwise you’ll end up not angry BUT unhealthy; which can be a lot worse.


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